Deep Space Militarization: Cyborg Reagan

pbrand 264

Everyone thought Jack Weyland was turning a new leaf by disassociating himself with war-profiteering Weyland Consortium. But they were wrong. Jack revealed himself to be none other than cyborg Ronald Reagan, who finally got his chance to enact his Star Wars plan!

The goal is simple. Neo-Reagan must score Utopia Fragment, preferably gained at the beginning of the game with Fast Track. If for whatever reason you fail the Convention's last dying wish, score Glenn Station first. During this phase of the game, play Paywall Implementation to ensure that you profit as much as the runner is hurt by Gagarin's identity. Privatize the gains, socialize the losses.

RSVP is effectively ETR against a runner who doesn't have a decoder. Meru Mati is quite strong at protecting Government Takeover and High-Risk Investment in your HQ if you have an unlucky mulligan.

The second phase of the game begins when you've scored the Utopia Fragment, representing all of the hopes and dreams of Wall Street. Now that you've subjugated the government to your will and you're too big to fail, it's time to turn de-facto into de-jure. Arrange your Caduceii, Negotiators, and Swarm them around a server to minimize the impending PR disaster. Drop the Government Takeover on click #1. Advance it twice. At this point in the game you are preoccupied with the thoughts of the innocent citizens -- save them from tyranny! -- so replace your Paywall strategy with Predictive Algorithm. Hearts and minds, friends, hearts and minds. These people don't know freedom, but you can teach them.

The fantastic thing about Caduceus, Negotiator, and Swarm are their ability to let the consum--runner drain their pockets willingly for your own good. They ran the server, they've clearly got agency. After all, it's voluntary that they go into debt and sell their house just to survive. You've got a Government Takeover to pursue.

What's great about this is that the entire time you pursue freedom and justice, you're immune to the silly weak croaks of the unenlightened little people. Utopia Fragment scored? Government Takeover has 5 advancement tokens? Predictive Algorithm is functioning? That will be 13 credits with fries, please. NAPD Contract has 3 advancement tokens in a similar situation? That will be 13 credits and your house.

Outer space is a natural resource. Of course Neo-Reagan can privatize it.

29 Apr 2015 Snake Eyes

6 currents doesn't feel like way too much?

Same with 3x Aggressive Negotiation where the main function that you're using it for is grabbing your Government Takeover which can be done with the Fast Tracks here anyway.

29 Apr 2015 cmcadvanced

I think pad campaigns would fit better here, Gagarin is made for them I feel. Capital investors is great i feel, Where melange is weaker for rush. Replace the aggressive negotiations and predictive number 3 with some executive boot camps and go down to 2 rsvp, and add wormhole and builder to have a stronger decoder presence. You might be happier with 1 nebula and a swarm instead of going all in on swarm. I anticipate playing student loans in this would work well with blacklist and a few encryption protocols to make your remotes taxing and numerous.

Love the Neo Reagan idea, very interesting strategy you have.

29 Apr 2015 pbrand

@Snake Eyes Unfortunately Fast Track reveals the agenda, which is most likely a bad idea for Gov't Takeover. It's not so bad when getting the initial Utopia Fragment scored though. It's possible to cut the Aggressive Negotiations if they're replaced with traps. I can easily envision Fast Track (announce Gov't Takeover), put Aggressive Secretary / Cerebral Overwriter in a mega-server, and advance one.

You might be right about the currents, though. Gagarin naturally lends itself to Paywall, but Predictive Algorithm seems to work better with the deck's general objective (Utopia Fragment -> Gov't Takeover).