'Roid Rage at Breaker Bay

gazgoblin 36

Ryan Burke's excellent deck upgraded with Breaker Bay Grids

Basic idea: Rez Merlin, search for another one with Foundry for 4 net damage then trash the second Merlin from hand with the Twins for another 4 net damage

Breaker Bay Grid is there to discount the Twins, Adonises, Will o' Wisps and the Eliza' Toybox

Efficiency Committe for extra clicks so you can install ICE then use Eliza's Toybox in the same turn

Bioroid Efficiency Research and Oversight Ai is to build cheap glacier (but remember if the runner breaks all subrutins to trash the ICE you can't use the Twins)

You can drop Haas' Pet Project + an Efficiency Committee and Replace them with another Priority Requisiton and for a third Jackson Howard