Give Me R&D or Give Me Death

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demondownload 21

Get Cyber-Cypher on an Omni-Drive as quickly as possible (using Test Run if necessary), Replicate out R&D Interfaces then hit the Corp's deck until the end of time, fuelled by the from Omni-Drive, Cyberfeeder and Cloak - and a Maker's Eye if you have one in hand and 2 to spare.

Use Spooned, recurring with Same Old Thing, to ICE in front of R&D and make repeated runs less costly (while costing the Corp to rez/replace ICE).


  • I'd like to find space for a Snitch here somewhere, to make second- and third-layer ICE less terrifying, but the influence is too tight.
  • Economy is always my biggest stumbling block, though hopefully the should make at least your first run each turn mostly self-sufficient, with Kati as a longer-term solution and Professional Contacts to take the sting out of drawing.
  • Day Job isn't ideal, but with the influence and memory limits being what they are, it's either that or Easy Mark.
  • I need a more reliable way to get a decoder out before the Corp has a chance to get more than one piece of ICE per server. Too many times, I've found myself waiting forever for Cyber-Cypher to show up, letting the corp run away with the game.
30 Apr 2015 Father Tork

instead of Day Job and Easy Mark, why not use Lucky Find to save influence?

30 Apr 2015 Father Tork

Nevermind... I forget Lucky Find has an influence cost...

30 Apr 2015 demondownload

I might drop the Cyberfeeders for Lockpicks and then splash that influence on a couple of Easy Marks instead, once I get a hold of Opening Moves.

30 Apr 2015 Father Tork

You could save space by cutting some of the breakers, especially 1 Gordian Bladeand probably even an Inti. As it is Replicator will thin your deck, and Professional Contacts helps your draw engine save clicks