ArmoredSquid; 2nd placerunner in Modena, IT, 46 players

C0untZer0 8

inspired by slysquid deck with some tweaks for the Italian meta . win or lose, it is, by far, the most fun deck i have played. Rocked some socks off!

2 May 2015 Myriad

50 Cards! No Inject? You sir are indeed punk rock!

A few questions.

1.) Did cyberfeeder and Box-E really pull their weight?

2.) Did you need plascrete and I've Had Worse?

3.) Joshua B is widely panned. How did it play out for you?

2 May 2015 C0untZer0

@Myriad i already have a monster economy, not so many programs that i can afford a further trash mechanism when there is no guarantee i will get retrieval in time (and i need same old for siphon recursion or an emergency deja vu)

1)cyberfeeder, in the framework of having many different type of econ cards yes, box-e not really as i have almost always worked around memory issues.

2)yes, and i still got scorched in the very final game of the tournament , that's Italian meta for you. and when you really need a specific card it can be actually used ;)

3) JB is a pivotal card in this deck, when i tried to do without or in games where i did not draw it quickly enough, it went badly. it puts pressure on the corp, you can liberate an account in a turn or get a dayjob +siphon. Furthermore showing that i was willing to push trough tags worked as strong mind game against opponents. Not all of them unfortunately ;)

3 May 2015 Myriad

I am curious about a meta that packs so much meat damage! The US meta right now is so anti-tag punishment.

Who did you play against? What tech did they pack.

I ask because I would love to see a Scorched Deck that can win right now!

4 May 2015 C0untZer0

the deck that killed me is this one