Keyhole and ICE Destruction

Wastekase 42

This deck is all about keeping R&D accessible for Keyhole runs. This is initially done by using Parasites (in combination with Datasucker or Wyrm) to destroy ICE. Test Run and Clone Chips get you additional uses of each Parasite.

Once Keyhole is in play, you can selectively target ICE that would be problematic if the corp could install it -- keeping R&D accessible.

Early game economy is massive card draw (Diesel and Quality Time) followed up with Freelance Coding Contract. The Levy AR Lab Access gets you your deck back. Mid to late-game economy is through Magnum Opus.

Obviously, Keyhole, Magnum Opus and Self-modifying Code are MU hogs, so beyond being Chaos Theory, Akamatsu Mem Chips and Djinns are needed to support all the programs. Fortunately, all the programs except Wyrm can be hosted on Djinn. Furthermore Djinn helps in tutoring hard-to-find Parasites or Datasuckers.

Finally, Chakana is included to make it more difficult for the corp to push through agendas while you are pressuring R&D.