Punitive Valley

magikot 1975

Here's a control/kill deck that I've been playing with to decent results. The basic idea is to put valley grid and a 3 pointer in a three to four deep remote server. All the ice is binary ETR ice that the runner must break, reducing their hand size each time. If they steal an agenda go for the kill with punitive.

4 May 2015 Ber

Very interesting concept, I like it!

I like how you are maximising the Gagarin tax by bringing in so many of the nasty newer assets with powerful effects and high trash costs.

How do you find your econ situation? Do you have enough credits to reliably threaten Punitive if the runner gets into the server?

Here are some cards that occur to me as possibly good for this build:

  • Capital Investors or Private Contracts for more credits
  • Wraparound could be good anti-AI tech
  • A 3rd Gov Contracts instead of Hades Fragment as another way to boost econ
  • Crisium Grid seems like it would be good for this slower deck with its binary ice, to help combat Account Siphon and Eater/Keyhole

What do you think of these card ideas?

4 May 2015 magikot

@Ber I have considered the third Gov Contracts over Hades and may eventually go that route because it's true that the economy isn't entirely where I want it yet. Another option that I have been considering is swapping the Green Levels for a couple copies of Turtlebacks. Since this deck really likes to build horizontally it could be another option.

I honestly never considered Private Contracts before. Its high trash cost would be great for this deck, but I'm not sure what to swap for it. Probably the Green Levels. Which would free up the influence for Wraparound (-1 Meru Mati, -1 Changeling).

Threatening a single Punitive hasn't been an issue, the issue comes those rare instances I've wanted to double Punitive.

4 May 2015 Ber

That sounds like a pretty nice set of changes to try at once.

Yeah Private Contracts is really weird to evaluate. By a raw click/credit efficiency evaluation it looks awful, but if it is in a deck that ends up clicking for single credits very often it can actually be pretty great.

I'm loving all these different deck ideas of how to use Valley Grid in kill combos :)

4 May 2015 rahmal

I second the need for anti-ai ice...Turing would be nice as well. I don't think you need Blacklist due to Student Loans or Jackson Howard due to low agenda count.

4 May 2015 magikot

Blacklist is in to stop scavenge, clone chip, and Levy. You're probably right on the Jackson. I Could swap those for something. Crisium grid most likely. As a predominately HB player I would normally love to play Turing, but its influence is too expensive and goes against the deck concept.

4 May 2015 Dothanite

I would definitely change a Government Contracts and the Hades Fragment into two High-Risk Investments. Then again, I would just put in a Government Takeover and reduce agenda density in the first place, but that's because I believe Punitive Counterstrike and Takeover is a match made in heaven.

I would take some insight from Quinns from SU&SD. Paywall Implementation is great in Gagarin.

4 May 2015 proxy

The one thing I don't like about putting it in Gagarin is that they don't have to steal the agenda once they get all the way there (because of the additional cost). If it were me, I wouldn't risk the Punitive, so I would just trash the Valley Grid. This may be better in a different ID, like BABW.