Just Another Stealth Hayley... (v2)

Softman25 291

Changed things up a lot from v1...including the tossing out of Personal Workshop! (I'll let you figure out the rest specifically, but here's a wall of text anyway.)

Honestly, re: Personal Workshop, 50% of games I wasn't even drawing it, and the other 50% I maybe got 1 or two favorable installs. It just wasn't making it for me. I think that in other decks, it'd work a treat - but it just doesn't cut the mustard here.

Kati Jones is almost an essential card - although I'm happy to take a hand without her, it's almost certainly in the next 5 cards statistically. If not, you can always force a shuffle with SMC or something like that. :P

Cutting the Akamatsu Mem Chips was a bit weird, and it makes mid game a little dicey if you haven't found your Astrolabe - but the card slots were just slowing the deck down, and you only need one. Sure, the same argument could be made for Kati - but Akamatsu just isn't winning games, Kati is.

Cutting the third Cloak is a bit eh, is means that on a perfect rig - I can only get through 2 sentries a turn consistently. Hopefully it just doesn't come to that...

I've found the Cyberfeeders to be pulling significant weight - the fact that your barrier breaker is pretty inefficient in comparison to your other breakers, having some recurring credits is just huge. I could use Cerberus "Lady" H1 - but it's a higher install cost, and only 1 more strength. It frees influence, but it's not worth it in the long run I feel.

I feel this version is a lot leaner and meaner, I made the addition of a 3rd R&D Interface sans testing - so I'll report back on whether that broke the bank or won games. (Also regarding The Maker's Eye - it's huge. The ability to dig that deep means generally you can just ignore RnD for a long time, letting you take credits, build up again for more pressure.)

The amount of games I dropped my one of Legwork and scored a one pointer, then wished I could do it again...So, the other main addition is the HQ Interface over Legwork. I feel with the long game - the consistent access is better than the one off. Especially considering a lack of ability to get the Legwork again. I can also trigger it off Hayley, so if I have spare credits, I can effectively spend 4 and a card to turn up the heat - even if I never run. Well...OK, I'll probably run.

The Giant Baby is a god send for this deck. Generally your turn early game is something like draw (trigger baby) credit, install (install with Hayley) and Kati. Maybe instead of installing you'll run depending on your draw pattern. That extra credit is fantastic - and Professional Contacts isn't justified at all. You're not drawing enough. It would maybe be justified if I was running a mostly resource focused Hayley with Career Fair and all that...

Play strategy is to hammer R&D - but you should be able to get into remotes provided there aren't too many huge barriers. Big barriers are kind of your bane. But you have a decent amount of cash. You're still not as good as Andy Stealth - but this is so much fun, I'd recommend giving it a go any day of the week.