London Excursion

cmcadvanced 25

Go to London, and get the most out of your new genes. Inside job and running interference to make things hard for the corp early, and allow you time to set up you huge hand with beach party and adjusted chronotype. Go to a career fair to figure out how to set that up quicker and cheaper. Eventually, you'll find your genetics, with visage making it easier. Data folding is here because if you get a few in your opening, or play them with career fair, you'll never go over 2 mu the whole game, and it pays off so well. I had 50 + credits in each game I played, easy, turning off ash, and a number of corporate plays. Femme and inside job are like feint on a remote with access. Unlimited d4v1d for those times when you just need to knock a curtain wall down repeatedly. Make the remote untenable, and legwork to victory!

4 May 2015 Pinkwarrior

I do like the exploration of London Library tho i reckon you should have Autoscripter in it seems a good inclusion for crim.

5 May 2015 cmcadvanced

I didn't even think of that, wow. New version coming up then! Thanks