Hayley's Hardware (most fun deck shell ever)

UminWolf 93

Hi all, this is my attempt at combing two different Hayley concepts to fit my personal play style. The two concepts are:

http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/20024/librarians-do-it-quietly-v0-3 This deck focuses on abusing Hayley's ability with Replicator to get a lightning fast setup.


http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/19208/cutting-edge-research This deck focuses on using Comet with Hayley to maximize compression.

Seeing as how both Replicator and Comet are hardwares, I immediately thought of Tyson Observatory, which would allow me to run only one Replicator and one Comet, essentially opening up a card slot in my deck. But Tyson Observatory and Replicator also really let me take advantage of any hardware I might want to run. Since Comet is a hardware that calls for events, I was drawn toward Prepaid VoicePAD and event economy. And thus, the shell for Hayley's Hardware was born.

Honestly, everything else in this deck is completely personal choice. I tried the Overmind concept, but it's just not my play style. I really like a more standard breaker suite, and in this case I switched out Torch for Study Guide because of the Cyberfeeders (which with Replicator and Hayley come out very quickly). I personally like the idea of 's, hence my choices for Inside Man, Prepaid VoicePAD, and Cyberfeeder. Having Tyson in the shell really helps make the deck consistent with CF's and PPVP's as the muscles of the deck.

This deck is incredibly fun to pilot and can quickly play catch up if you start off a little slow. The hardest part is knowing the order in which to perform your 's. For instance, if you have a Replicator in hand, search for a PPVP with Tyson before you install Replicator. You really want to see a Tyson Observatory or some draw in your opening hand, preferably with one econ card. The best opening hand I can think of is a Sure Gamble with a Tyson Observatory and either a Daily Casts or Inside Man (since both of those can piggy-back the Tyson installation thanks to Hayley).

I really hope you enjoy running this deck as much as I do. Please wrap the shell around any ideas you have and leave some comments on how it goes with those tweaks :)

Any constructive comments, praise, or questions are always welcome :)

4 May 2015 Shiiuga

Glad I managed to inspire someone to build a deck! :) adds to CV

Test Run/Scavenge a Femme is a nice combo, but I'd consider dropping the 2x Modded for another 2x Self-modifying Code. There's nothing else in there that's so expensive (especially with your recurring credits) that needs them, and a 1-of SMC is a bit of a gamble in terms of it coming out early when you need it.

To maximise the impact of the Replicator I would add a third R&D Interface and maybe drop a Lucky Find for a second HQ Interface in order to increase your multiaccess.

Other than that it all looks good!

4 May 2015 UminWolf

@Shiiuga: I actually did have 3 SMCs in here at first, but after playing with them I always wanted them to be test runs, mainly because of the 2 cost. The Moddeds are strictly in there so I can maximize compression with Comet (pairs incredibly well with Diesel). Being able to draw 3 cards and install two hardwares or programs for a single is ridiculous.

I've definitely toyed with the idea of dropping a Lucky Find for another HQ Interface, especially with the Replicator. Seeing as how I do have Same Old Thing and Daily Casts, I probably don't need a 3rd Lucky Find. <-- Shall play test this change tonight! :)