Exile Memories of London

badbones777 15

First try of evolving my Exile deck to use Londodn Library which I thnkis a very cool card.

I appreciate that it could stand to trim a few things - does anyone thing this could work or have anything going for it at all?

Opinions and comments please -it's really more of a theory/work in progress as much as anything.

ta guys.

4 May 2015 Pinkwarrior

All looks very nice I've been experimenting with London Library in exile also. am not sure about Magnum Opus i find london is quite click intensive and so is MO.

4 May 2015 badbones777

@Pinkwarrior yeah that's a really good point about MO - and if I cut that at least I'm down to 48 cards (!)

I noted in one of your builds of London Library Exile that you had Alpha and Omega which I think is fantastic use of London Library - might have to try that as well.

Cheers for the comments mate.

5 May 2015 Pinkwarrior

@badbones777 I actually think Overmind + LLDS Processor is stronger after trying Alpha & Omega i found it was fast allowing safe runs early game but also very expensive with D4v1d that could help somewhat but i found it was the mid ranged ICE that was the problem.

Where as Overmind was much cheaper and possibly even free to get in but somewhat click intensive. having to bring it back all the time and such.

Hope all that's helpful for you.