London Excursion v2

cmcadvanced 25

This one has earthrise hotel in it to be faster, and it goes well with career fair. Since I'll only get three discounts with career fair, it's best to have as many cards in hand to ensure they are used in a timely fashion.

Accumulate cards, beach party only with adjusted chromosome. Keep remote pressure with femme, inside job, and piles of cash to save from midseason replacements or sea source.

I added expert schedule analyser and satellite uplink along with running interference because the increased hand size lets you hold these cards in hand until they are useful. Infiltration is ok, but I like checking on both cards in a server in this age of upgrades and bluff cards. I would add drive by, but I'm not sure if it's too click intensive. Speaking of which, if you feel you should run last click, which shouldn't be often, you can spare a femme or overmind every so often because you'll likely have duplicates.

Jacked it up with jank and spank, go forth and visit London...yank