Kaplan Stealth/Hardware Pawn

Axlotl 2599

Replicate hardware. Use Inside Man. Pawn extras.

5 May 2015 gumonshoe

I'm not sure that I'm convinced 3 creds a turn is enough to fuel corroder. How's testing worked out?

5 May 2015 gumonshoe

Also second look, why clone chip? Helps with what? And what are you planning on pawning?

5 May 2015 UminWolf

Ghost Runner :)

I'm glad someone else is using Replicator and Cyberfeeder

5 May 2015 UminWolf

I still feel that for pretty much any Hayley and Replicator deck, Tyson Observatory belongs in there instead of 3 Replicators

5 May 2015 Axlotl

Its a first draft, I won't even be building it. Friend was interested in stealth Kaplan and wanted to see were it took me playing around on here. Clone Chips mostly for early setup with SMC, and pawnable for profit. Didn't go Tyson since the deck's hardware is mostly all 3x. You can Inside Man an extra Replicator and pawn it for pure profit. Install Astrolabe, find astrolabe, pawn astrolabe, reinstall 2nd astrolabe. Don't need more than 1 Akamatsu likely. Pawn the rest. Plausibly extra Lockpicks depending on the match up also.