Sotomatic 955

I've been playing Andy Stealth throughout the entirety of the SC season and shes done INCREDIBLY well ( I played in 5 SCs and averaged less then 1 loss per event). However, with the meta switching to Glacier, security testing as a main econ engine isn't nearly as effective as it once was.

Haley brings a good boost to the stealth archetype by allowing a faster setup due to her double install ability. Armitage becomes incredibly viable as a cheap, 0MU option to MO as long as you are installing it with other resources which this deck packs plenty of. With SMC's ability to tutor for either breakers or Cloaks, you now also have more consistency in getting setup.

From my extensive playtime with Stealth Andy I found almost 0 times where I needed more than 2 cloaks and 2 silencers to break through a server which is why I dont run any lockpics. That being said, having the ability to get up to 6MU to run 3x cloaks is very comforting and the 1x Escher is a nice safety blanket in a worse case scenario.

Play style is pretty straight forward and old school. Build you rig, run anywhere for super cheap and eventually setup the R&D lock. Its not flashy but its highly effective.

Against the various matchups my initial testing has her handling RP, HB and Blue sun glacier better than stealth Andy Due to her resilience to program trashing with clone chips in faction but possibly worse vs NBN FA due to Armitage not being as robust as Security Testing/Desperado for trashing their asset spam despite being able to pack a 1x clot.

Potential swaps would be Clot and Nerve Agent depending on your meta, for any number of Legworks or HQ Interfaces.