Project Heinlein

trevorburnham 7

This is an HB glacier deck chockful of bioroid goodness.

The deck name refers to Heinlein Grid, a card that theoretically pairs beautifully with the other upgrades (Ash, Caprice, and Red Herrings) behind a couple of layers of bioroid ice. In practice, Heinlein Grid has proven inessential to the deck, because by the time the other pieces of the combo are in place, the runner usually has a full breaker suite.

Brain-Taping Warehouse, on the other hand, has proven very strong. Since you can rez it during a run, it always pays for itself. From that point on, the runner faces a tough choice on any server where the lead ice is facedown: Run it on the last click, or give you a substantial discount? There are so many bioroids in the deck that you can keep one facedown in front of every server the runner is interested in nearly all the time.

Bioroids Never Felt So Strong inspired me to add Daily Business Show, which has made a huge difference. Between DBS and Jackson, you rarely run into a situation where your 3-pointers come out of R&D before you want them to.