Punitive Valley v2

magikot 1975

Version 2 of the Punitive Valley.

A control/kill deck that looks to force the runner into a position where every decision is a bad decision.

A scoring server of must break ETR ice in front of a Valley Grid reduces the hand size of the runner and puts them in range of a punitive. If they choose to only trash the Valley Grid instead, they will be giving you a scoring window. It will cost a minimum of 5 credits to steal an agenda and trash the Valley Grid, making the runner too poor to beat the punitive trace.

High powered, high trash cost assets maximizes the Gagarin tax. The tax plus Paywall makes the runner not want to check your remotes due to a 2 credit swing. This will give you the opportunity to sneak out the Chronos Projects to wipe out the runners heap, effectively killing MaxX, Kate, and any other deck that relies on recursion or Levy.

Crisium Grid + Wraparound are anti-AI tech.

Cortex lock seems an oddity given the rest of the ice spread, but it punishes early face checking and then when the runner has a full rig and cortex has 0 subs, running through it is considered breaking all the subs, thereby firing Valley Grid. If the runner doesn't use all their MU they aren't building their complete rig which also benefits you.

7 May 2015 westonodom

I think you may unfortunately be incorrect about Cortex Lock. It doesn't gain subs like Komainu, but rather always has one subroutine that does a variable amount of net damage. If the case of a runner having no free memory they would be breaking 0 of the 1 subroutines on Cortex Lock, and therefore would not trigger Valley Grid.

7 May 2015 magikot

Damn. Seems I completely misinterpreted the way the card worked. Time to move on to version 3 I guess.