Face Melter

sirris 616

Lemme paint you a picture son.

8 May 2015 deifius

I love this deck. Maxx's avatar is a hungry ghost that sweeps through corporate servers devouring; a digital poltergeist.

8 May 2015 Dydra

Hostile Infrastructure would love this deck :)

8 May 2015 RubbishyUsername

Since you're using Paintbrush with a fixed breaker, why not Yog? Obviously Mimic lets you face check rather than waiting for the Yog, but the Yog starts saving you much earlier and will burn through Komainu and Tsurugi where Mimic will be super taxing. Hell, just one yog to find somehow at some point in the game will pretty much always improve over Mimic when used with Paintbrush.

8 May 2015 sirris

@Dydra Yeah, you should probably trash HI.

@RubbishyUsername The mimic is only there for architect. Everything else, you break with Eater on facecheck, then paintbrush it to whatever silverware you have in hand, then consume it. Mostly on R&D, building up Medium counters each time.

8 May 2015 LeePo

Why Medium over Keyhole, since you can't access cards with Eater ? With a such trash ices capacity, you don't care about Crisium Grid. Count only on trash all R&D ice while building up Medium counters looks a little weird.

8 May 2015 sirris

@LeePo Keyhole would require having Grimoire out for MU, and give us a whole extra server (archives) to worry about ice on. Medium also makes up for our Eater runs where we don't access, since it still gets a counter, which we can use when we run in after killing all the ice.

9 May 2015 PurinaBisonChow

@RubbishyUsername I don't think the Mimic is in there due to concern of getting through ICE cheaply. Mimic is there to keep a Swordsman from stopping this deck cold until Parasite (and possibly another Eater) can be scrounged up. Swordsman is a much larger concern if you're using Yog.0 instead since you'll need Paintbrush and have to be careful about checking any unrezzed ice.

10 May 2015 DrunkenGineer

This deck looks really cool. Have you tried swapping it into Valencia (going down to 1 Paintbrush, dropping Levy, and adding SMCs) and being able to either Blackmail or Eat whatever ice you see?