NBN (MN) - Tag n Bag (Deck from Single Core set)

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Trypios 1907

Just like everyone else, I started learning to play A:NR with Jinteki Vs. Kate (as the rulebook suggests). I played too many games as corp only with a single runner friend (playing Kate of course) and I always felt so poor. Not many ways to make credits other than clicking for it or Hedge Fund if I'm lucky enough, while on the other side there was a juicy Magnum Opus for up to 8cr per turn. Frustrated as I was, I started researching for my first deckbuilding. Rules were simple enough regarding Agendas and Influence, but I still couldn't make my core Jinteki deck rich enough. How can I protect myself if I can't pay 4 for a Snare! or advance a Project Junebug? I figured Jinteki mindgames are not for beginners and went exploring other factions. The glacier approach seems like the safest most reliable route, build an ICE fort and advance. HB became my favorite, followed by Weyland. NBN feels very awkward, no traps for shell game, no money for big forts...lots of tags and little punishment....my mind couldn't even comprehend why would anybody play that ID out of the box.

It's the poorest corp with seemingly the worst ice aside Tollbooth...and TB is too expensive for NBN to be able to rez. With so little ETR (end the run) ice, the runner roams free wherever he pleases. NBN seems to be a master of tagging but has little ways to punish the runner for it. How would you feel about burning their house down?

There are 2x Scorched Earth and 2x Archived Memories to recur it if needed. Runner must learn to respect tags. If the runner is careful enough to clear tags, SEA Source will be of aid.

Main goal of this deck: flatline by Scorch and a bit of economy is needed to land the kill. Most ice is cheap to rez like Ice Wall. Although weak, as the game progresses, Ice Wall can grow more powerful with the help of Matrix Analyzer. Hopefully Melange Mining Corp. will be able to fire a couple of times.

NBN's needs the runner tagged!!

Anonymous Tip will help rush the kill cards early.

A few pieces I left behind and why:

Peace :P