Frito Bandito

Spoonfunk 182

This is the test model for a jenky idea I have been thinking about. The idea is to use Hive mind to power pheromones for free or cheap HQ runs. I am going to make some changes and those will be present in the next version. Just wanted to share the starting point so that if people are following along, they can see where I was coming from.

Anyways some of the stranger choices are copycat, grappling hook to keep crypsis cheaper. Savior fair to use some of those pheromones credits to install gormon drips and other programs. Mr. Li and Earthrise for the draw to find our progenitor. Tri maf because money is an issue until you get setup and deck slots are really tight.

9 May 2015 slobad31

Hey there! It was a blast playing this. First thing: I'm not entirely sure Virus Breeding Ground is necessary, since Pheromones produces their own counters. I get it, but it would free up some influence without them...maybe for economy stability, something like Lucky Find, if you're so inclined. I like playing it in unexpected builds, and I think Gabe fits the bill. Bank Job is another card (influence-free) that might fit the bill. I'm also not sold on Grappling Hook, since spending the extra few credits for a Legwork might be worth it, especially if you already have and Interface out. I'm just thinking, HQ Interface, plus Pheromones, and a and early Legwork could be real mean. On a side note, I love that you're using Copycat! I'm looking forward to seeing this evolve :)

9 May 2015 Spoonfunk

Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to come back to this build in the future. I am thinking about how to make a functional copycat deck work and I would expect that it has something to do with pheromones. For now I am exploring the pheromones + Hivemind strategy. I have swapped ID's in favor of Reina of which I have the new deck list linked to this one.. Thanks for the suggestions they will come in handy for future gabe builds!