#slottheClot - Wausau, WI Regional 1st place

spags 7846

Title says it all. If you play with over 45 cards, you're lazy. If you don't play Clot, you're foolish.

10 May 2015 Ajar

I've never really liked Gordian, but with Blacklist everywhere you can't rely on Scavenging CyCys to get in. Datasucker helps, obv. Did you hit many Tollbooths?

10 May 2015 spags

Hit a few. Killed at least 3 on the day. F CyCy. Use Sucker/Parasite. I beat two Kate by locking out their CyCys.

10 May 2015 cranked

How did you like the switch to Gordian Blade? With Blacklisy becoming more ubiquitous by the day, I can imagine it's a better choice, albeit harder on your econ.

11 May 2015 Halarith

How'd Symmetrical Visage do during the day? How many times did you see it, and how many credits did you bank off of it?

11 May 2015 spags

@cranked I've always like Gordian. Worked fine. No Blacklist murder for me.

@Halarith it's fine. @calimsha put it best: it's a 4th PPVP. Works well early or late. Another recurring credit. Like it.

11 May 2015 nungunz

Ran similar at the Colorado Regionals, but stupidly didn't add Clot in and only had one SoT and it may have cost me 1st (took 2nd).

I never had a problem with CyCy, but Gordian or Zu.13 could have been nice at some points. Never played against a codegate heavy deck, though. Most went with barriers to keep burning lady tokens.

Agreed with sucker/para that combo did wonders for me.

The happy baby also worked great for me.

Congrats on the win, spags!

11 May 2015 bluebird503

If you play with over 45 cards, you're lazy. - Guilty as charged :).

11 May 2015 PaxCecilia

Did it ever come up that you had to install Clot over a breaker or utility program (datasucker, parasite) to get it out? What would be the easiest part of your rig to sacrifice to prevent the score?

11 May 2015 spags

@PaxCecilia Even though NBN was the 2nd most represented Corp at the tourney, I didn't see it until the finals. Still glad I slotted it.

Had one time when I had to make a hard overwrite choice for a Parasite. Had Gordian, Atman 4, Lady 2, Sucker, Mimic. Wanted to burn down a Booth. Chose the Lady, as I knew I would recur it at some point anyway.

12 May 2015 Wookiee

Did you ever feel the lack of Deus X?

15 May 2015 spags

Not at all, @Wookiee.

21 May 2015 kollapse

How often did you get to use Sharpshooter during the tourney, and could Deus X have been played there instead?

I haven't used either of them that much myself (being more of a Criminal player), so take my question with that in mind. With net damage being a non-issue here, I can certainly see your preference being valid.

24 May 2015 Milk_Jester

I love this deck but if I hit a Susanoo No Mikoto it can be rough. What is your plan for dealing with large sentries? Dose a Fem fit in this deck do you think?

27 May 2015 ddbrown30

What are your thoughts on using Study Guide over Gordian Blade?

27 May 2015 spags

Love the card, but it's expensive and slow here.