Stimshop Bydgoszcz Regionals 1st place runner

hsiale 204

Selverin's Stimshop (which he used last year to win two Regionals, Polish Nationals and get to Worlds Top 16) has been my tournament runner deck since March when I switched to it from various Andromeda builds I used for more or less half a year. After ending up 4th and 5th at two SCs in March (paired with NEH) it worked great for me at Regionals in Bydgoszcz, going undefeated on the day (paired with Replicating Perfection). Runner went 5-0 during Swiss (played against DRT NEH, 3x RP and Bootcamp Blue Sun) and then 2-0 during top 8 double elimination (against glacier HB and RP).

10 May 2015 DrunkenGineer

What makes the deck so good against RP? And how did Study Guide and Rachel work out on the day? Would you make any changes?

10 May 2015 hsiale

Against glaciers you need cash, and installing Magnum Opus turn 1 is great for this. Additionally it cannot be killed with Snatch and Grab like Kati Jones. Stimhack with Workshop/SMC lets you setup quickly (of course you need to be extra careful if you suspect your opponent wants to flatline you).

Rachel: I drew her twice and installed once. In that game (against RP) she worked wonders - I could take 10 credits instead of 8 on turns I didn't need to run, I threatened clicking through double Eli on R&D if I wanted. The other game I drew her when it seemed the game would be very quick so I didn't install as it is a bit of a tempo hit. This is the best way to use 15th influence point I found so far (previous version had Hades Shard in that slot).

Study Guide was a bit worse Torch that allowed me to remove Zu.13 so that I got an extra free deck slot. It was a good place to dump extra Stimhack cash and with strong Magnum Opus econ I could get its strength up when I needed (and for very big code gates I had D4v1d). I'm not sure if I stay with it here, needs some more testing, if I go back to Torch + Zu the card to cut would be probably Same Old Thing.

10 May 2015 slakker

I love this deck. I've been runnin something real simian for a few months. But I really struggle against RP and NEH. I subbed a vamp for a legwork and that helps against RP but do you have any tactical advice for playing this build against DRT and Butcher Shop? Thx!

11 May 2015 hsiale

I didn't think about Vamp, interesting idea, will test it. On the other hand it kills Rachel.

Against any NBN that you believe plays Midseasons you need to get ahead with cash (though this can be hard if you also don't want them to score). I played a Miseasons/DRT deck but won mostly thanks to perfect Maker's Eye at the beginning of the game, where I stole 2 Astros and saw a DRT. Still managed to get myself tagged after next steal (I was ahead with cash but he went Diversified Portfolio x2 into Midseasons last click), but already at 6 points I managed to steal final agenda before he could kill me. If such decks are common in your meta I think you need to find space for Plascrete.

11 May 2015 juliandark

Vamp is really good vs annoying red decks if you have some endless economy - kills Caprice unless on HQ, other mind games, turns off most traps for a turn or two, stops FA possibilities quite often.. Corps have a much harder time to get out of 0 credits, unless they topdeck Sweeps Week or already have some asset economy running.

I would say vs PE you would have serious problems, with a 40 card deck. Without Vamp, you can't turn off their traps, so it's a game of luck mostly. I would certainly put in either Vamp (if you have the influence for it) or at least Feedback Filter - it is a silver bullet, so it's a meta call (for example in the matchups you had, it would be useless). Vamp backed up with MO is always good (well perhaps not that great against DRT), but influence is scarce. I played Au Revoir CT two months ago in a store champ (finished second) and Vamp was invaluable in that deck. But the start was much slower as I had to cut Stimhack, here you have the option to cut david, or one stimhack and rachel. I would certainly try it.

11 May 2015 hsiale

Yes, a good PE player kills this runner with ease and a beginner PE player has decent chances. Initial version had Feedback Filter, but with PE hated out of the meta (mostly by Leela) I decided I need this slot for more universally useful things.

Stimhack is very important and I would happily add a 4th copy if I was allowed. And D4v1d is more or less your only option against high strength sentries, so it would need rig rebuild to include Garrote. I think I'll try removing Utopia and Rachel to fit Vamp if RP remains that popular.

11 May 2015 slakker

Great info on DRT. I've tested some with a Beckman build that has 2-Beckman and 2 - Qianju PT. It works pretty well in the long game but it's a commitment to her at that point and they are dead cards against rush decks where you can't afford any tempo hits. It's really fun against glacier though.

One other thought is I've also run a 2nd Femme with a 3rd test run instead of D4vid. It's not quite as good but can serve a similar purpose if you need the influence elsewhere.