Chaos Theory goes to College (and Parties!!)

benticurus 1676

Chaos Theory is all grown up, leaving her dear old Dinosaurus behind. Now she goes to college and focusses on widening her horizons through Ekomind.

Disclaimer: DECK IS FOR FUN (janky) ~

This deck is a work in progress, but pretty straight forward to play for now. The deck has two main development stages:

(1) build a giant Grip (hand size) with Beach Party and Game Day. A good starting hand is having those two cards in hand. You can just install the Beach for free and draw no less than 7 cards for 1 and 2.

(1.1) It is good to have a Magnum Opus out early too, sometimes I just install it and use the first one or two turns to click for money.

(1.2) As you may imagine, it is staple to play no less than two Beach Partys combined with Gene Conditioning Shoppe and Adjusted Chronotype: this gives you a hand size of 15; hence 15 (plus CTs extra mem) for a total of 16 through Ekomind. I've never found it useful to install a third Beach Party, and think it would be a bad idea.

(2) It only takes a few turns to set up, given the immense draw power of the deck combined with the capacity to retain over 30% of the deck in hand.

(2.1) After preparing the Beach Party combo, you can install one Overmind for around 10 counters. Also, Sage tends to stay at around 7 strength given the amount of cards in hand.

(2.2) Once you have all the cards set up, it is unnecessary to draw more cards, just keep the greatest amount possible of cards in hand (so around 15) and only use your clicks for Magnum Opus and running. My usual programs are one Magnum, one Sage and one Overmind. The Mimic is very helpful just for getting through Swordsman and other small sentries.

NOTE: If possible, it is always good to keep a large amount of money before making runs on RnD and the like. You don't want to allow for a scoring window for the Corp just because you made a random run on another server. It is best if you have no less than 8-12 credits at the end of a run, just to be safe for the next turns. Spend time clicking with Magnum Opus, there is no server that can keep you out while you have the money.

10 May 2015 sruman

Neat deck. What are the Levy's for? If you use them with Ekomind out, then your memory will drop to 0 temporarily but long enough you have to trash your rig.

Tyson Observatory looks like a natural here. You could have 3 of them and only 1 of e3 and ekomind which would making draw those much easier. My suggestion would be -2 levy, -1 ekomind, -1 E3, +3 tyson , then some tweaking changes with the additional 5 influence (at worst some lucky finds or an account siphon, who knows). You also might need a Feedback Filter and a plascrete in there since losing cards is doubly bad. Plus you need cards to just hold in your hand anyway.

10 May 2015 benticurus

@sruman thank you, i didnt think of the LevyAR interaction with Ekomind. They were for refreshing the deck, since it is possible to draw through pretty fast, and you need to keep a source of cards for running on Jinteki and the like. Now that you pointed out this issue, I see that my original idea is useless, back to the drawing board. I was originally trying to make a fun deck for Beach Party & Game Day that abuses the hand size.