An introduction to capitalism

nixubeibe 37

A glacier-y Blue sun deck. A lot of the deck revolves around kepping the corporation rich even while hard rezzing big ice to keep the runner at bay. What matters is not what people think about your corporation, but that the company keeps making money. Alongside the basic hedgefund and oversight ai powered economy, the hostile takeovers and geothermal frackings will keep bringing in the profits. The threat of having an entire city block come under sudden "urban redevelopment" will force the runner to slow down their pace to account for it.

The deck also includes a variety of tricks to deal with problematic situations. Having advancable assets behind the beefy ice is extremely helpful in keeping the runner behind in economy. If the public image of the company has been tattered by excessive deep sea mining or agressive expantion of the company, Elizabeth Mills is there to help with that.

Houskeeping deserves a special mention, as in most games it has been absolutely bonkers. It slows the runner down, makes them have to make decisions they don't want to make, and sometimes makes the runner susceptible to a flatline. I have heard that the more decisions you force the oppenent to make, the more times they are going to make the wrong ones.

10 May 2015 Crauseon

This is the winner of 10th May 2015 12-player tournament Lupus Line Inc. Arcology Tour - Kaatopaikka (Waste dump). Gratz!