Headlock Reina (2nd Place Wausau Regionals 2015)

Slio9 191

Built this based on a list I was linked to last week, played a few games and decided it was fun enough and competitive enough to play at Regionals.

12 May 2015 CatTurtleKid

Do you think it'd be possible for you to fit in the Career Fair? It seems to syngerize well with your econ suite and could help you land bigger and better vamps.

12 May 2015 hhooo

Career fair and Lucky Find go in the version with Vigil instead of Desperado. Both versions are good, but the 3 clone/3 Cresc are mandatory.

12 May 2015 ekayohlee

Curious how the single includes worked for you -- Hactivist, Clot, Xanadu, and Symmetrical.

12 May 2015 itsbigfoot

I was the one who made the list that got sent to you, but I wound up cutting hacktivist entirely for deja vu and a knifed, was hacktivist relevant for you? it tended to not do anything for me.