Boise, Idaho Regional 2nd Place 5/9/15 - Sleeper Car

NyanPudge 288

I've been a dedicated NBN player for most of the last 3 years. However, after disappointing results from my TWIY Rush deck of choice at the Game Night Games Store Championship earlier this year, I left my yellow coat behind and decided to try other things.

After bouncing thoughts off of theorycrafting sounding board extraordinaire, Triffids, this is what I settled on in time to win the Store Championship at Blackfyre Games a few weeks later. The playstyle is straightforward HB Fast Advance for the most part, with Archer/Sleepers being your ace in the hole. The incredible speed with which it gets set up and HB's ridiculous economy means you're often scoring as early as turn 3. This puts the runner in a rush to get in and stop you, which is the perfect time for a left field Archer. I can't express fully just how good Archer is right now, it eats through D4v1d counters at an ungodly rate and since you're not relying on it to protect you only once, temporary solutions to it like Sharpshooter just mean that you have that much more time to score in relative safety.

The decision to stick to a Fast Advance style post-clot came for 2 reasons. First, I felt like with most players migrating to slower corps like RP, that runners in turn would slow down and make rushing to victory and easier prospect. Second, I don't think Clot is all that hot shit actually. Between Shipment from SanSan and Cyberdex, I found there was never a moment where I wasn't either ready to beat Clot when it came out, or bypassed its window altogether.

The only loss this deck suffered all day was in the Grand Final against Prepaid Mac. It was a close match, but I was against a stone cold killer of a player who timed his runs and read the board just right.

I have no complaints whatsoever about how the deck ran. I regret having to drop 2x Gila Hands for an Efficiency Committee making room for Cyberdex and Shipment from SanSan, but Efficiency Committee did allow me to score out from 0 credits which is a window most runners don't account for, and can't do much about anyway.

TL;DR Seriously. Guys. Fast Advance is alive and kicking.

Rounds went (I think) as follows... Swiss: Round 1 Super Bye, Round 2 Win vs Gabe Good Stuff, Round 3 win vs Prepaid Mac, Round 4 win vs Prepaid Mac, Round 5 win vs Prepaid Valencia Elimination: Round 1 win vs Kit Opus/Vamp, Round 2 win vs Chaos Theory Stimshop, Grand Final loss vs Prepaid Mac.

11 May 2015 Elthane

What do you think of Turing for remote play when the biotic scoring is not working out for you? I noticed in games you lost with this deck it was because Archer was not connecting or you had to rez lots of ice to defend and thus you were too poor to biotic enough. Just an outsider's perspective.

11 May 2015 NyanPudge

Turing doesn't appeal to me a lot just because I don't see that much AI in the area, and IQ does the same job but more versatile when AI's aren't around. It's purely a meta call of course, and you're not wrong about when the deck has issues, I'm just not sure if Turing is the answer to that particular question.

12 May 2015 Wosho

No next ice?

12 May 2015 Anima

Love seeing the list, Nyan, feels very familiar. I'm loving the addition of Shipments to deal with clot, and I can see how Efficiency Committee fits into that game plan very nicely, but it breaks my heart not having a pair of Gilas in the deck. What do you think of dropping either one of the Sleepers or a single Eve to change that committee into 2 Gilas?

12 May 2015 NyanPudge

@Wosho I'm not a big fan of NEXT ice in general, I know it can be good and when you get big stacks of it the taxing power is immense, but I prefer having a more minimalist setup to start scoring behind rather than needing to install large layers of ICE. One IQ will do the job of 2 pieces of NEXT ice, more or less, until you have 4-5 rezzed, by which time I'm usually looking to close out the match.

@Anima, I think you could very easily drop an Eve and be ok, I stuck with 3x just because I was a little be antsy about my economy, but having played it more extensively with the Clot-hate I think you'd do just fine. I wouldn't drop a Sleepers though, they do too much work for the deck to not want to see one frequently.

13 May 2015 BTrain

@NyanPudge I completely agree about the lack of NEXT ice. I recently retooled my ETF to get rid of NEXT because of the prevalence of Prepaid Kate who can and should aggressively parasite your NEXT Silvers. That 1 str just hurts so bad. I like your include of SfSS here (for whatever reason I thought that card was 2 influence!), but would you mind expounding on how you got the most out of Efficiency Committee in this deck?

13 May 2015 NyanPudge

@BTrain, Efficiency Committee is only a 1-of so I didn't see it in all, or even most, of my matchups, but I was glad I saw it a couple times.

Most notably I was playing against a Prepaid Kate deck and had gotten to match point. The runner throws The Maker's Eye with 2 R&D Interface's installed, I run myself broke rezzing ice on RnD, ending the run eventually (I think it was 2 Eli 1.0's 1 IQ and 1 Archer or something) but leaving me on 0 credits. However, I had a scored Efficiency Committee, a Shipment from SanSan, and a 3/2 in hand which let me score out from 0 credits to 1. Gain 1 from the agenda install, advance with that credit, use Committee and Shipment to pull it out.

13 May 2015 Wosho

@NyanPudge Thx for explanation :)

14 May 2015 Tomonaldo

I really like the look of this. I've been playing similar decks myself recently and getting an Efficiency Committee scored + SfSS is brutal. Like you say, even if you have no money, say after an Account Siphon, it's still relatively straightforward to score agendas.

My build leans towards having more ICE, but I always wanted to squeeze in another Cyberdex Virus Suite because of Clot, and it's good to see it works with a second.

I'm a big fan of Turing on a remote though. It's a wonderful card, especially with an Eli stuck in front of it. Heck, even double Turing is great. Although I've yet to run into a player using David on them... But then a few baiting runs with a Jackson will absorb the power counters.

16 May 2015 Angedelo

I'm planning on taking this deck to regionals tomorrow, were there any changes you would make, in hindsight? I also think I need gila in there, drop an Eve but I think I might drop an NAPD instead of the efficiency committee, as I love that synergy with sfss.

25 May 2015 slakker

What are your thoughts on dropping 1-2 NAPDs for more Efficiency Committees? With SFSS they seem really strong if you score them early.

27 May 2015 NyanPudge

You're not wrong, but they're difficult and/or costly to get scored out, so most of the time I'd rather score a 3/2 unless I'm in a really good position or don't have a better option. It's not a bad thought, but NAPD is pretty universally good at checking the runner.

12 Jun 2015 slakker

Any tips for getting Eve's to stick with this build?