I love big decks

frag 2

This is the biggest deck you can make in the game. You can make different decks, but they wont be as big as this one.

The one influence is spent on Box-E because I believe it best provides the utility to support the deck.

Constructive criticism welcome.

12 May 2015 rumirumirumirumi

I would recommend a deck you could actually shuffle in a reasonable allotment of time.

12 May 2015 frag

Shuffling is almost definitely the main weakness of the deck.

6 Sep 2015 bourgman

You don't need to shuffle if you play online. Have you tried it out? At the very least you'll have an answer to any potential problem the corp throws at you. Drawing it is another matter...

14 Jan 2016 FreqKing

Nice. You get the like for moxy.