Bae - 2015 Melbourne Regionals 4th Place

ABigDumbBaby 21

13 May 2015 Myriad

Grats on 4th! This and Bob-omb are nice to see placing so high at regionals.

How did your 1 of Clone Chip work out for you? I feel like 1 of Clone Chip is kind of unreliable and lacks some gusto without Parasites.

I do really like you running all the cutlery. Cutlery + D4v1D is so nice together.

Did you encounter much Blacklist?

Congrats again! Keep fighting the good fight.

13 May 2015 ABigDumbBaby

@Myriad the Clone Chip actually pulled me across the line in a couple of games. It's really only there for D4v1d recursion mid-run. Having only one did make it less reliable but it was no less reliable than any other one-ofs in the deck.

It was included in the weeks leading up to Regionals when I replaced my I've Had Worse with Inject. Dumping programs into the heap more consistently was really begging for a touch more recursion. So I took out 1x Femme Fatale and 1x Utopia Shard which freed up the influence for a chip and a third copy of Retrieval Run

There was no Blacklist as our legal card pool only went up to Order and Chaos. Australia has had some problems getting the most recent packs, unfortunately.

15 May 2015 Myriad

Ahhh right.

Well, just seems a slightly better 1 of might be Planned Assault, so you can run 1 less copy of forked and spooned and slot in 2 other cards to taste.

Still, seems good. Keep at it!