New Found-Rage

thesm17 160

This deck is based off of @TheRyanBurke 's Roid Rage deck. I've made some modification for my meta, which includes adding #Student Loans against the LARLA dependent Pre-Paid decks where I play. I also changed out one #Project Vitruvius for a #Chronos Project for the same reason.

13 May 2015 Jashay

So I guess the Bioroid Efficiency Research and Oversight AIs are to rez the big ICE, but I was under the impression that this didn't work with The Twins; they derez or are trashed respectively, so forcing a re-encounter doesn't work.

Also, Student Loans does nothing to stop Levy AR Lab Access. I get where you're coming from, though; it does disgusting things to the efficiency of Prepaid Kate. It messes with Same Old Thing quite effectively too; apparently the cards count as in the heap at the time they are played.

How does Awakening Center pan out? I've never seen a deck use it effectively before!