Rielle in Red v 1.04e

poorhaus 412

Thanks to @Shielsy for the bones of the deck.

This is an amazing at pressuring early-game. The plan is to set up an inexpensive rig and access essentially all of the corp's hand several times via Nerve Agent while getting reliable R&D runs in. Nerve Agent is wholly unexpected by most corps, who are icing R&D reflexively against Shaper. When HQ is clear, concentrate on Remotes or R&D. Mid/late game, Mid or mid/late game Woman in the Red Dress lets you know exactly where to make that one run for the win.

You want to win before you get to late late game. Like many of @shielsy's decks, this list is all-in on a strategy and will dominate most of its matchups and fold spectacularly to others. If your meta is full of slow corps that will definitely win once they're set up, this is an excellent way to trounce them before they've done so.

My changes:

  • +3 Diesel. The quintessential aggressive draw card. Lets you access those key pieces that much earlier.
  • +1 Datasucker. Saves on stealth creds and sustains you later into the mid game.

  • -1 Femme. This is mostly a Test Run target (aka Shaper's inside job) so best to keep only one.

  • -1 Woman in the Red Dress. This is an amazing information advantage to close out games but I found I hated to see it early
  • -1 Net Celeb. The credit was nice to have but this was one of my least favorite cards to see. Adjust to taste for your meta.
  • -1 Modded. The quintessential aggressive setup card, but I found I was able to hold off installing expensive things until I had drawn one. With Diesel, that's this much easier

Comments welcome but remember the deck's credit goes to Shielsy alone!