Post clot/blacklist Blitz Running PPvP Kate

Calimsha 2823

Well, the latest trends with blacklist everywhere forced me to play a Zu instead of the second CyCy. Here, the CyCy mostly serves as a early game anti-rush tech, late game, you should switch to atman 4 / sucker / zu instead.

The 2 TME / 1 Indexing / 1 RDI tech is from @Spags and so far, it has done good work. I wasn't really happy at first with 3 TME because most of the time, i would discard at least one if not two during the course of a game and 2 indexing was a bit clunky in a slowed-down metagame.

15 May 2015 DrunkenGineer

Why Zu instead of Gordian? And how did you manage to cut Deus X but still remain at 46 cards?!

15 May 2015 Spaceman_Spiff

I also like Gordian over Zu. I made a similar list post-blacklist, except I cut cyber-cypher/zu for a single Gordian.

I like it because it puts less pressure on scavenge (since some people are just trying to out-barrier PPvP Kate), as well as less MU pressure with the datasucker. It's definitely a bit more expensive for Tollbooth, but amazing for Enigma/Datapike, which I personally see more consistently. It also provided me with a precious, precious deckslot.

15 May 2015 ttsgosadow

What would you include in the extra deckslot that is freed with swapping in Gordian?

15 May 2015 Spaceman_Spiff

I would personally just use it as a personality/meta slot. It could be a Deus X, Quality Time, Plascrete, or SoT depending on how you play. Maybe you really like Symmetrical Visage and want two in your deck. Or you could try something a bit less conventional like Escher or Net Celebrity.

16 May 2015 LeePo

What do you think about Comet in place of Astrolabe ?

16 May 2015 Groober

@LeePo this deck needs to draw through itself quickly - and astrolabe really helps with that in almost every matchup. Comet is a lot slower and will mean you don't get the cards you need.

16 May 2015 spags

You'll never find Gordian in a @Calimsha deck.

I thought you were going Femme?

16 May 2015 Calimsha

@spags : Only if I remove CyCy. But I found CyCy that strong that I really don't want to slot a gordian. Also, I think architect is still highly relevant, so right now, I just keep playing Mimic.

17 May 2015 pikachewbacca

Took this to a spring tournament today finishing @ 3-1 with it. I played with -Cyber-Cypher -1 DL, +1 Gordian, +1 plascrete. Never wanted to install gordian, so definitely not that necessary. Memory is tight when trying to keep clot up. Was playing in a scorch heavy meta so utopia might have been a better call than plascrete but freeing the influence is always difficult.

As solid as ever when it comes to Calimsha-Kate, though.

17 May 2015 Calimsha

If you expect a lot of scorch deck but not that much FA or RP, you could either remove the Datasucker to fit an Utopia Shard. It free up your plas slot so you could play your third DL as well.

18 May 2015 NicoleyMoley

I've slotted a Gordian in place of both CyCys for reasons of blacklist & to free up a card slot and I've found it ok. It's a little tougher on the economy, but I find a lot of decks are quite code gate heavy these days, especially RP, so I think being able to get into all code gate protected servers to trash key assets like Blacklist and Sundews etc is important. Also I've had a few instances where Gordian keeping its strength has been really handy! I'm running a Datasucker now too which helps support Gordian economically.

I may be a bit biased because I recently won the alt art Gordian and want to play it because it's pretty :P

18 May 2015 pikachewbacca

@NicoleyMoley That's exactly the reasoning for my inclusion if the Gordian Blade. I did switch back to 1 cy-cy, 1 zu13 today for another tournament and wished I had the blade running through Merlin's and next repeatedly on the same server.

@Calimsha I almost switched to the utopia shard for a 2nd tournament yesterday but didn't for the datasucker. I then ran into some ichis and data ravens that made the datasucker the MVP. Would you say any other influence is changeable for utopia shard or would you only ever drop for the datasucker?

Over two days and two different tournaments in different metas, the deck played so great helping me to 5-2 with it against 2 rp, 1 HB, 1 argus, 1 blue sun and 2 NEH. Losses were 1 to blue sun seasource and 1 rp at 4 points. Felt like I was in it to the end in both losses. Clot mid-haas arcology was the highlight of the weekend.