Maxx Hacktivism (6-0 Swiss UK Regionals Sheffield)

Satellite Uplink 512

Took this to 6-0 in the Swiss at Regionals Sheffield, should really have gone 9-0 including Top-8 but I got a bit sloppy after 10 hours of Netrunner and finished 7-2. The losses were mine not the deck's, though, it got into a winning position in both those games before I punted them.

Obvious base is Slysquid's well publicised Maxx decks already posted on here ( Changes I've made are to add Hacktivist Meeting and Parasite. Both fit the deck perfectly and were very good for me on the day - I can directly point to games won by both these cards, against both NEH and particularly RP.

Making way have been Amped Up, a Box-E and a piece of cutlery. Adding Parasite by taking out +MU is awkward, I know, though not quite as bad as you might expect. Anarchs kind of have to live by what they draw rather than work towards a super rig and adding Parasites to the Knight/Eater/Femme gives you more chance to see something. I occasionally had to make tricky overwriting plays when I would have rather just have 5MU but it never cost me a game, while I think adding Parasite definitely won some games.

17 May 2015 Argamas

Love it, welcome back!

17 May 2015 Hrapp

Did you have any trouble with Blacklist?

17 May 2015 Satellite Uplink

@Hrapp I played against Blacklist a couple of times but it was never a problem - you just trash it when it starts to matter. IMHO the card doesn't really bother me unless you spend A LOT of effort to defend it. The recursion is a big part of the deck but it's not truly vital - in one of the rounds I had 41 cards of my deck removed by Chronos Protocol just before I played the Levy. I won that one.

18 May 2015 beef42

with siphons and joshua b, maybe dlr is worth a slot? have you tried?

18 May 2015 SlySquid

Great to hear this build still has people Repping if!

I love your changes, I also put in Hacktivist Meeting in my build but I took out an amped up an knight...

Congrats on the win my friend!

19 May 2015 Myriad

I think I am going to try this same build with the following small changes.

-2 Knight, -1 Spooned, -1 Forked.+1 D4v1D, +3 Data Leak Reversal

In my experience, D4v1D is basically a cheaper, more flexible but limited use Femme. It gets around most of the same ICE as Knight and lets you threaten a wider breadth of ICE.

DLR + Joshua B is peanut butter and jelly. It also alleviates the problems I tended to have with this archetype, which is keyholing late game. It also lets you pressure servers through parasites ticking up, while you either keyhole away or DLR them.

I also always had no luck running more than 1 of Knifed and Spooned. Some match ups they are invaluable, others they are dead weight.

Any shot of Demolition Script or Turntable making it into this build? Both seem like they would be natural fits. Even a 1 of Demo script lets you put an immense amount of pressure on archives.

Regardless, congrats and welcome back. Great show with my favorite runner! I missed your articles.

20 May 2015 Satellite Uplink

@Myriad I'm afraid I don't like those changes, but I hope they work for you.

Knight is a fantastic card because it doesn't care what the Ice is, but David does. When your main breaker is Eater you can find even a Quandary an impassable barrier to the Agendas behind so saying that David does the same job as Knight is badly wrong in the context of this deck. Knight isn't just your best way around a Tollbooth, Knight is how your Siphons land guaranteed, Knight is how you get into Archives to steal what you Keyholed, Knight is how you force the corp to install double-depth Ice in ever server they care about. David is not a replacement for either Femme or Knight - your best answer to big Ice isn't either of those cards, it's stopping the corp ever having money to rez big Ice.

DLR is a gimmick, I think. It's usually a one-shot mill of 3 or 4cards before they trash it and I don't think that's worth spending a ton of clicks on. Also even though Joshua is in the deck you don't want to play him in every game, so adding DLR when it's going to be blank a bunch of the time seems weak.

20 May 2015 Myriad

Thanks for the reply. I had a chance to play around with my changes a bit and reflect on your thoughts. I am pretty much in solid agreement with you now, especially after I lost a game entirely last night due to a single blacklist behind a single piece of ice that I simply could not break, which would have been won had I played Knight.

As far as I see it, there are a few flex slots in this deck, but a few of the choices I made severely hurt the deck in the meta as is.

I am tempted to slot in two of turntable when that drops, just so I can put some hurt to the astro/nisei train and alleviate the minor mu problem the deck has. I also really would love to slot in a vamp, and a demolition script.

Do you have anything you would have changed after the fact?

20 May 2015 Satellite Uplink

Turntable is not a bad choice as a 1-of if you can find room. Having 5MU would make like easier and I was actually close to running a solo Deep Red to at least support the Knights, as a Vigil seemed a little like card draw overkill. I'm not a massive fan of Turntable but it will have its moments.

In the deck at the moment the cards I like the least are the Cutlery. Occasionally they're great but more often they're not really important. I also feel sometimes like the Hades Shard is a bit of overkill, but then sometimes it IS the only way to get to archives and win the game. I'm attracted to Utopia Shard as a backup to Wanton Destruction, that fits perfectly into the game plan of backing Agendas up in HQ.

If there was a tournament this weekend I think I would play the list without any changes, maybe moving a Spooned into a Knifed (even if 2x Spooned did win a game for me!).