Ultrafast II

gpr 32

Update from previous version.

1-1/2-2/3-3/4-4 Barriers to avoid early-mid pressure, Both kaguya and san san shipments are confirmed from previous version. Mushin -1 due to "new external server" liability. need some tricks to play efficently.

10 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

Don't drop the MNS - that restriction isn't a liability at all, it's where Himitsu-Bako's self-bounce fits the picture!

13 Feb 2014 Ajar

I love the use of Accelerated Diagnostics + Precog + lots of operations. I think the move to varied ice strength is good, but now it's extremely vulnerable to Corroder since it's all barriers! I was already brewing Jinteki FA, and just published it, but that deck is somewhat different since I don't use Accelerated or the Shipments:


Now I've copied your deck into my lists and I'm tinkering with it as well. Very interesting!

13 Feb 2014 Ajar

P.S. I think Chimera is a great ice choice for this style. Comes down early, subs for whatever type the Runner can't break. Swordsman is another option for getting around the AI breaker problem.