Parasite Express (2015 Linköping Regionals Winner)

Warpstoned 776

This deck went 6-1 in Regionals (32 players) this weekend, and together with an NEH Butcher Shop variant - earned me top seed and the first place after champ play.

It won against 3 RP, 1 BS, 1 NEH, 1 NBN:MN and lost to a NEH grail/shell game deck.

I don't really know what to say about this deck. Barring Visage, there is nothing really new or original to this list. Just good old cards backed with a dose of runners instinct goes a long way.

I did pack parasites/clone chip to deal with NEXT and Tsurugis who have been severely taxing to my running strategy in earlier versions. Did not end up facing HB at all though, but the parasite always seem to make its cost back. Eli, Ichi, Pup, Pop-Up, Tsurugis and an occasional Tollbooth (with the help of sucker tokens) fell prey to it.

I've gotten many questions about playing Ken in particular. Well, the theory is that I like the influence and the slower corp meta does not punish you as hard for setting up slow (compared to Andromeda that is). The ability is so-so, netting me perhaps 6 credits on average on a game. Nice of course, but nothing that makes or breaks a game. I kinda forces the include of Makers Eye instead of RDI, inducing a more burst oriented running strategy over an RnD lock strategy.

The fact that the deck managed to take down 2 NBN fast decks and 3 RP taxing decks makes me quite confident in its versatility.

Late game Makers/Legworks have been the finishers several times. Keep their remote play under check and let the agendas be shuffled back into RnD and/or accumulate in HQ for maximum pay off.

The deck is by no means perfect, but it works. So take this as inspiration and switch cards or identity as you see fit.


17 May 2015 flott

Why Ken "Express" Tenma: Disappeared Clone? With only 11 run events, other criminal identies (Gabe, Andy) seem much stronger.

17 May 2015 Warpstoned

They might of course be stronger. But I was quite content with my influence set-up and decide to roll with Ken. Not making any claims of this being the ideal set up. I just took what I felt would be fun :)

Been trying loads of run events in Ken before, and it seems like a trap. I don't want to play run events because I have to because of a clogged hand. But rather when I there is an ideal moment for a legwork/makers/inside job/siphon.

17 May 2015 kollapse

@flott I think @Warpstoned touched on the reasoning behind going with Ken, but I do agree that other Criminals could probably do something similar. I love Parasite in the current meta though, and Ken's influence makes that more viable.

17 May 2015 kollapse

One could make the same arguments about playing NEH over Making News in a kill deck, using the 2 more influence on the oh so crucial Reclamation Orders. I like it.

17 May 2015 Pinkwarrior

Have you thought about Crash Space over Plascrete Carapace if their running Tag n Bag it'll be almost as useful damage wise and helpful at avoiding other tags and if their not you can make use of it with your Account Siphon's

17 May 2015 Warpstoned

Thought about it. But mideseasons is the real bully in the tag n bag decks. Getting seriously tagged means its trashed one turn and scorches raining down next.

Granted, midseasons is best countered by getting rich and playing around it rather than real protection anyways. But still, I left one copy of plascrete in there to buy me some more turns, should I end up tagged and waiting to be bagged.

But I havent really explored the crash space card, so I should not comment too much on it I guess.

5 Jun 2015 hookgrip

Are you still playing this? I think this deck is super fun. The discount on makers, legs, and an extra credit on siphon goes along way. Have you made any changes to it?

8 Jun 2015 Warpstoned

I have it semi sleeved and pull it out time to time. But I am experimenting a bit at the moment. But whenever I play it (and against it) it has been performing quite well. I have not yet come up with any changes no. It often comes down to expected meta I feel.

I have been trying to make it into a Leela or Andy deck, but then it seems it would be better to give it a larger makeover than a ID switch.