A Stirling Goodbye (2.0)

Pinkwarrior 2278

2.0 So I've been playing the deck for sometime now and am really enjoying it, Been able to out money Weyland decks and just plow though ICE regardless of ST. So far it seems the best thing is to go get Mr.Li as soon as possible and forgo anything else once he's set up everything else falls into place which leaves me with little use for Lawyer Up so i dropped that and i haven't found any use for Emergency Shutdown even when i get it since my econ is so good.

Rush decks can be an issue and not having the MU or Influence for the newly released Clot makes that a no go, on the other hand Traffic Jam seems like a good fit it can help stop that Astro train and deal with the corps annoying Current something that's also been a problem all free of influence and on top of that its also got use against non rush decks turning 3/5's into 3/6's makes a massive difference.

I decided to change the Plascrete Carapace for Crash Space it's more use i find been useable with Account Siphon and it's cheaper to put down especially with The Supplier, on that note 2 Suppliers seems fine.

A Build of a criminal Au Revoir deck using Logos & Mr. Li to help get what you need but the deck doesn't rely on Au Revoir for cash either and can play happily without it.

ZU.13 Key Master is the codegate of choice here as it turns 1 Dyson Mem Chip into 2MU effectively and sets up the Underworld Contact.

17 May 2015 DrunkenGineer

You could go -1 Zu +1 Rex to free up influence for Clot, but I don't think it's that powerful without a way to instant-install it. You might be better off putting that freed influence towards a Vamp to make use of your extra cash.

18 May 2015 Pinkwarrior

I find Traffic Jam is enough, ZU.13 Key Master has been chosen mainly for its free MU this way i only need 1xDyson Mem Chip and the Logos and have enough MU for my full rig installed, i feel this is a necessity to get setup in time. I agree that Vamp would be good for the deck tho.