Waldemar HB (2015 Scottish Regionals Top 8)

ouroborosglyx 457

This is my version of Waldemar HB, with minor modifications. The major differences are the lack of Red Herrings, replaced by another Ash 2X3ZB9CY and one Corporate Troubleshooter, and a slightly difference ICE makeup (mostly due to limited card pool; only got the Source on Friday, and—sad times—forgot to put Excalibur in before coming up). RSVP is a notable addition; cheap and very effective on your scoring server with Ash or NYPD, and as a single piece of ICE on an economy remote. Imp bypasses this of course, so it may not be optimal, but I think that it's cheap enough to be worthwhile anyway. Not 100% sure about Turing, I may cut it for a third Eli 1.0.