RP: Master Race (05/16/2015 Louisville, KY Regional 1st Plac

hasuprotoss 345

This is the list I piloted to first place of the Louisville, Kentucky regional on 05/16/2015. It went 4-2 through Swiss (wins against Noise, Ed Kim, Kit, and MaxX, losses to Andy and Kate) and then 2-1 in elimination (wins against Kate and Kate, loss to the same Andy from before (which was also my list from this tournament!)). I don't think it's the strongest RP list in the meta, but I like how it provides you answers to a lot of the common runners in the meta now.

This list started off by being 48 of the 49 cards Niles (@hhooo) used to win a Store Championship back in January or February. I played that list pretty exclusively through the rest of Store Championship season and was very high on it. I made a few tweeks and used that list to top 8 in Tulsa before swapping to ETF for the Atlanta Regional. Finally, I came back to this deck list a few nights before the Louisville regional and made the changes to arrive at this combination of cards.

I ran 9 agendas, even though 8 agenda might be the new hotness. That's mostly because I'm afraid to listen to Pacer as it's extremely hard to tell when he's being sarcastic. Even when he wins with a decklist, I think he's trolling me. So I ran 9 agendas. Never had an issue with it!

The Blacklist may not quite fit in this deck as you don't have something like Wraparound to hide it behind, but it's something that a decent amount of runners need to have an answer for. It won me a game against a Keyhole/Siphon/Eater MaxX when I got it behind an Enigma after hunting down all of his Knights. I think I could've put more econ pressure during the grand finals if I hadn't installed it in my scoring server and instead just had it chilling in an open remote.

Most of the other non-ice options are fairly standard I feel, I cut down to 2 Caprice, and didn't feel like it was problematic. Even with how I like to play RP, I feel that having three involves having a Caprice in your hand a lot of the game, and one trash cost is really low.

The ice suite is just really to tax many of the breakers that I expected to see. Eli and Markus together really hurt pure Stealth Andy builds. The code gates either have multiple subroutines or have a decent strength. Every one of them sans Tollbooth is super cheap to rez. And Tollbooth is Tollbooth, so not much to say about that. Tsurugi is really just anti-Leela tech. I didn't play any in Louisville, but in Tulsa it did a lot of work. Don't play against Yog, or kindly ask your opponent to please reconsider their play when they do.

No Lotus Field, since I just am not a fan of it currently. Cyber-Cypher, Atman at 4, and Refractor just don't care too much about it. No Himitsu-Bako since I like my Anarch denial matchups to be terrible (read: Play a Bako, I think it's good). No Ashigaru since I don't like rezzing ICE that costs money.

Also, it should be noted that I like to play this deck fast (not in terms of the speed of turns, although that's very quick as well, but in terms of how fast I try and win). In the grand finals I had four agendas in hand at one point, but saw my opponent (who was playing Pre-paid Kate) was getting low on his deck and didn't have Mimic. Started scoring out behind Eli (unrezzed)/Pup with Caprice support. Spent the rest of the game installing and advancing and just won Psi games to get there. Some times, when the game looks bad you just got to rely on the Psi game and force them to run your remote instead of pressuring whichever central has the agendas. It can backfire, but why are you playing a list with Caprice if you don't trust your Psi games? At the end of the Grand Finals game, none of my ICE had been Parasited, but I'd installed 6 ICE with a combined rez cost of 10. I think it's a shoutout to my old NBN ways.

18 May 2015 LSK

One thing that I think is interesting about this list compared to the RP lists I've been seeing around Chicago is that there's barely any hoser cards - no Lotus Field, no Wraparound, no Crisum Grid. Was this a metagame prediction or just how you roll?

18 May 2015 Fruggles

Dear Dan,

Markus is great.



19 May 2015 hasuprotoss

@LSK A lot of it has to do with what I feel comfortable with. I think a Wraparound does fit my playstyle, but I'm just not a big fan of paying an influence for it. Crisium Grid is good, but it costs 3 to rez, and I'd rather spend that money scoring points, because rezzing things is boring.

So, in general, it's just how I roll.