Sahasrara Pawnshop Professor

iherdn3rfz 95

Anarch core breakers with datasucker support, Atman at 4, and D4v1d for the big ice. Econ is Scheherazade + Sahasrara + Pawnshop.

19 May 2015 Softman25

Perhaps consider a Leprechaun or two for SMCs and all that big MU stuff. You're a little light on MU if you keep a program for more than a turn.

19 May 2015 iherdn3rfz

@Softman25 Thank you for the suggestion. I haven't had a chance to actually play it yet, but the memory issue did cross my mind. Any suggestion on what I should cut to make room for Leprechaun?

19 May 2015 Softman25

Consider just tossing the Akamatsu Mem Chips. You have to pay an extra buck for Leprechaun - but you'll get more MU out of it, assuming you host (for example) an SMC and Sneakdoor on one. Or even just two 1 programs makes you even with Akamatsus, with the potential for bonus value.

You can also pay for the Leprechauns with Sahasrara - so bonus!

19 May 2015 RubbishyUsername

Just remember you can't host something on both leprechaun and scheherazade. That will mean you can really only realistically get 2 MU out of Leprechaun - costs 1 but +3 from an icebreaker plus SMC/Sneakdoor - since almost every virus is going to be going on Djinn or Scheherezade. If you really wanted to go down that road, could you go the whole hog and try 2MU breakers, like Morning Star?