NBN white tree v4 now with san san

Talism 80

Replaced, 1 eli with a markus, -2 caprice(never got to use it)+2 san san, rejigged ice with now free INF, took out pad for sweeps, more burst cash.

potential changes, - guten and closed. add in pad

or drop marked, add in green/blue level and rejig ice.

see if i miss popup, had people just runing though it. mostlikly a bad idea taking it out.

20 May 2015 Lorgar

I'm not a great fan of PredAlg. With Targeted Marketing you could tax a runner.

The ICE structure doesn`t look too solid. much is str 3 or 4 which is problematic which atman. maybe a pop-up or TMI which may come surprising for the runner. A good alternative seems to be a str 2 classic Enigma.

I also would recomment 2 shipment from SanSan.