Still ending the fun (First place Göttingen Regional)

Axul 389

This is the deck that i won the Göttingen Regional Tournament 2015 with.

The idea behind it is to be able to adapt to any deck the runner plays. Find out whatever his problem is, and abuse it. Does he have tons of money, but no breakers? Just score in a remote server with like two ice and installing unadvanced.

Does he have all breakers and enough money, but only burst economy? Make him spend the money in your remote by showing a SanSan City Grid. Or just installing an unadvanced card. He thinks you know he can break the taxing remote, so he wont run some times. And thats how you get an Agenda scored.

So funny to install SanSan and NAPD into the scoring server. If he runs, he will spend lots of credit and hate you. If he doesnt, you score an NAPD for 9 next turn and he still will pay lots of credits to trash the SanSan next turn.

Does he play superefficient fix breakers? Use the power of your Corporate Troubleshooter to score one more agenda.

Use the Biolabs when you can gain great effort of it, either by scoring a Chronos Project, or an Accelerated Beta Test that is save by an installed Jackson, or by an Architect Subroutine from last turn. Or an Accelerated Beta Test that you installed last turn, and you want to be able to install a Jackson afterwards.

Most of times, i score from the Remote with only the last Agenda(s) with Biolabs if at all.

Dont look into getting the combo of Troubleshooter and Next Gold to hit, just abuse the fear of your opponent of it to score one more.

Eventually, you might hit it once in a while, and it will feel so sweet, but more often, you use the Troubleshooter to just get an end the run in a crucial moment. Or, even better, get an Architect fired in front of R&D to get all the information you need on your R&D and most of times one Agenda score out of it.

Though i got a 3:1 record against noise decks in the Regionals, i still think this is the one matchup this deck cant win without lucky draws / one good Accelerated Beta Test.

19 May 2015 ElderMason

Was The Valley legal for this regional? If so, did you worry about Clot at all?

19 May 2015 aeternii

@ElderMason Pretty sure Valley was legal, since he has Turing, which is in Breaker Bay. I'm guessing he only used the FA tools when he saw the runner wasn't running Clot, and if they were he would score normally, which is the whole premise of this deck, adapting to different runners.

Nice write-up @Axul, and congrats on the win!

20 May 2015 Axul

@ElderMason Yes, it was legal. And yes, since i didnt train too much lately, i still managed to ignore that fact one time, which cost me a Jackson secured BioLab Accelerated Beta Test. ;-) I still won the game by giving the Kate-Player the option to use his recursion for Parasites, to be able to handle my 5-6 Next Ice, with the knowledge that one Troubleshootered Next Gold can just end the game, or keep the Clonechips whole game with me not using fast advance. He decided he needed that Parasites when i went to five points, so i finished the game with a Double Biotic and SanSan City Grided Project on click 3 (Drawing four cards with a Jackson on click one and two).

I wrote a very incomplete report about the tournament which you can read here:

21 May 2015 iloveMRT

What's the idea behin not using NEXT ice?

21 May 2015 iloveMRT

@iloveMRT nvm

28 May 2015 DrunkenGineer

@Axul Did Sweeps Week pay off? Seems like a weird choice given its influence cost.

29 May 2015 Axul

Yes, it did very well. You want a beast start with this deck, to pressure the runner into either lose board position and facecheck or to let me score my first agendas. So having an early Sweeps Week / Hedge Fund helps to that strategie. I played green level clearence in earlier versions of the deck, but with sweeps week, it feels much better.