Jinteki: HB 1.0

Fruggles 64

No deck has a place in my heart like Personal Evolution does. Sadly, its day has come and gone (and come again, when everyone stopped playing around it - and now gone again).

So today I finally get to go back to my favorite corp. Horizontal-Bioroid, HB for short. Now, this is no PE, but dropping a random asset or agenda or ryon knight in a remote is do-able with this deck. Usually you're going to stick to icing the centrals and one scoring remote + maybe one more econ/JHo remote, and then look at the runner and dare them to run. You will reduce their hand size to a mere -4 if they decide to be cheeky about it.

You will then win.

Scoring can be a struggle, but that's what upgrades are for! install advance advance in a server with valley grid + Ryon? They ded. Why? Because you've got a gyri and some fat bioroids sitting in front of it. oh, and it's also a cerebral overwriter you've advanced. Whoops. If they're not gonna run it, you get to score your hades fragment and the game just got infinitely easier for you.

It's possible the snares get cut for more reasonable advancing/tricking cards from Jinteki, but...whatever, damage is more fun. Additionally, the Utopia might be best served as an Eden, but again, needs more testing. Furthermore, the econ package is a straight rip of BBG ETF, and that's counter-synergistic with Valley Grid (regions, yayyy), so that might have to change back to PAD Campaigns or something. This Can be weak to Eater or criminal bullshit, but that's what Valley grid is for, so know your matchups.