Brutality 1.0

Shannon.L 113

A theoretical deck for Chrome City.

The idea behind the deck is to use HB's fast advance and recursion to avoid having remotes. Even Hades Fragment can be scored in a single turn with enough prep, and agendas can be shucked and protected with Jackson if things get dicey.

The real goal, though, is to flatline the runner.

The ice is NEXT, which represents a credible tax while being incredibly cheap to rez. Add in easily broken quandries, and you get an interestingly porus mixture to toss up four-deep in front of HQ, R&D, and Archives.

Once the runner figures out you're not going to let him snatch up agendas, he must start running on your core servers, you're watching for the right moment to rez a Valley Grid on the two most important core servers. When his hand drains away? Neural EMP.

Those Self-Destruct chips are the important part - they need to be scored out of hand early and often, and will be the first Biotic Labor target.

This uses the crazy recursion engine of Archived Memories + Reclamation order, too; Archive until they're gone, then Reclaim your Archives. Use an Archive to grab Reclamation, then continue. Once you've seen something, it's playable each turn - and it won't take much to whittle the runner down to killing range, if enough neural EMPs go in hand. In fact, it's theoretically possible to flatline the runner at any point after he's run a heavily defended Valley server - and you'll never completely lose the valleys with this recursion.

Probably not quite ready for prime time, but it's close.

21 May 2015 Nery

Lovely idea. Mind if I take it as a basis for a deck of my own?

I do have one question, how does the economy hold up? Biotic is not exactly cheap to play.

21 May 2015 Shannon.L

Absolutely not - have at! It's still a proof of concept - but if you find anything that doesn't work for you, let me know? It hasn't had much play (going out today with proxies, actually).

I can say that i've used this basic economic engine before, in a larger HB deck, and it worked /alright/. The key is archived memories, which more or less consistently recurs whatever card is most appropriate to your situation. If you install-use-use Contracts, then most runners won't bother to run it, and I'm hoping the cheap ICE will leave most of your credits on the table.

It's worth noting that I'm not planning this to be a fast deck - the four-card-hand-size may require some rethinking.

21 May 2015 Shannon.L

@Nery - as a thought, I'm debating replacing the Elis with Gyri Labyrinth, which is probably a better choice over a Valley server (or perhaps even as a heavy tax over a single remote).

I'm going to play both versions, and see what works.

22 May 2015 Shannon.L

@Nery ... i'm feeling the 'not enough econ' here. I'm going to try to find room for some additional burst, just not sure what. If you've got any ideas, do let me know?