Bioroid Brainstorm

reyda 35

It's a fun Stronger Together deck. While this ID is not played often (because ETF is so unbalanced) it has a big advantage in static defense : each of your Ice have +1 str. The "click to pass freely" is not so annoying since clicks are a limited resource, and while the runners click to pass they, well don't do much else. Instead of just making another glacier deck, this one has fairly good chances to flat the runner out by using cerebral cast. At first they will taike the brain, and then when a Sentinel is scored, they will rather choose the tag : you have 1 scorched (backed by archived memories) and 2 closed account to make them regret :)

Some funky combos like false lead / heinleing grid are here to annoy the runner as much as possible. I just added the asset that makes the rez cost of bioroids cheaper if the runner has unspent clicks, but maybe 2 more economy cards would be a better choice. The downside is : the deck is quite poor. Don't expect to swim in your credit pool except if you manage to protect the mining corp several turns. It behaves correctly if you select carefully the ice you play at the start of the game (preferably the Viktor 1.0 instead of the Eli, actually) so you may force the runner to start with at least one brain damage.

The deck contains only 2 traps, but they are super game breakers. Handle them with caution :)

It can combo quite well with the upcoming current "Defective brain chips" that potentially inflicts brain damage with each copy of Cerebral cast. I'll update the deck when this card is out :)

Have fun !

22 May 2015 Jashay

The False Lead-Heinlein Grid combo is a false economy; you are sacrificing an agenda to gain an effect replicated by a 1-cost operation. That you are in fact running 2 of anyway!