"Hands Across The Water" v0.1

s_jared 2

  • This deck is all about making the runner's hand size impossibly small.
  • Their starting hand size is 4.
  • Score a Self-Destruct Chips and it's 3. Score another one and it's 2.
  • Install a Valley Grid on any server, and put on a number of ice (pretty much any ice in this deck other than Pop-up Window will do) equal to or greater than their maximum hand size.
  • Score 5/3s in your stacked and Valley'd remote.
  • They have to run, or you're just going to score out. If they are successful, they'll be lucky to have 1 card in their hand at the start of your turn (more likely they'll have zero).
  • Hit them with a Neural EMP or two.
  • Win.

Completely unbuilt and untested.

21 May 2015 x3r0h0ur

I like the idea, but with 4 hand size yourself, the clearances seem like a really bad idea. You'll be discarding a lot. I'd also drop fenris. This is counter intuitive, but no runner will run vs CD without a sentry breaker (knowing of fenris), and the bad pub sucks. You're better off with something else I'm sure.

21 May 2015 s_jared

@x3r0h0ur That makes a lot of sense! I was worried about the clearances anyway, so I'll put some different econ in. Thanks!

21 May 2015 Otacon

Viktor 1.0 is a good replacement for Fenris here. It avoids the "I need a sentry breaker" instinct by being a code gate, it has the same sub routines so it still potentially causes a brain damage, and rezes for less with 1 higher strength.

I'd also agree that Blue Level at least is a bad call. Green you're basically just turning your mandatory draw into 2 credits and a different new card. I think I like your Neural kill better than my plan as well. Maybe something like

-2 Fenris; -2 Blue Level

+2 Viktor 1.0; +2 ??? Maybe Cerebral Overwriter?

You're already scoring 5/3s, possibly easier to bait the Overwriter that way. That or some other econ card, though all of your ice is fairly cheap to rez anyway.

21 May 2015 s_jared

@Otacon Yeah I like Viktor 1.0 for this. I'm thinking of replacing the clearances for econ entirely, maybe with Successful Demonstration? I'm not sure how often I'm going to actually be ending runs, though, so maybe not. Green level might be okay, though, as you say. And I'm definitely making room for Cerebral Overwriter.