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Second pass at a Cybernetics deck. Not massively different from a lot of the other decks out of this ID to be honest, but I think Valley Grid along with Neural EMP/Archived Memories is really the way to get a flatline here (barring hand size increasing tricks; I think this deck will fail hard against them!).

I've slotted in a Corporate Troubleshooter, which is nice to get a Fenris to hit even when they've got their Mimic out, or even to push a Heimdall past Deus Ex range. The ice needs to have all nasty/ETR subs in order to make the Valley Grids work, so unfortunately I think Architect had to be cut. I've also gone for mostly 3 point agendas, including the Eden shard which fits into your 'ice-stack into valley grid' flatline plan. This gives us a bunch of extra deck slots for more econ and makes RnD a little safer (as does the introduction of a sneaky Snare!; this is not intended to be put on the table, leaving it in HQ or RnD is where it needs to be).

Below is the original text I put up when I created the deck!

Thematically, I'm really happy with this deck. The Cybernetics arm of HB would naturally have some brutal bioroids to protect themselves, plus the horrific hound of Fenris chasing down intruders. What is their plan? Create new robotics quickly and control the population through their cybernetics; and who wouldn't want them when you could look like an Adonis? It's even got a bit of a Blade Runner feel to it.

Once they've taken 3 Brain Damage (or some combination of Brain Damage and Self-Destruct Chips, they're in easy range of the EMP kill. And even before then, they're in kill territory if they're careless.

I didn't go for some staple Brain Damage cards here; Sentinel Defense Program while good, simply doesn't fit in with the deck needing an extra advancement. The one I'd really like to squeeze in is Edge of World, but I think the deck is likely running very tight on econ considering the Heimdalls.

I'm not sure about the econ package in general, the HB in faction econ draws you cards which I don't necessarily want with a smaller hand size. I just think the whole thing is going to run very poor!

Card to look to in the future is maybe Defective Brainchips; thematically, it fits in very well, and if you can get it early it makes pretty much everything terrifying. Obvious worries with the deck are people using hand-size increasing cards, as I think will become more common in the SanSan cycle. Note that IHW does absolutely zip against Brain Damage!

22 May 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Runner hand size tricks rely mostly on resources, and secondarily hardware. Resource destruction is a tag-based affair, with the exception of Corporate Town, which might be really interesting these hand-size kill decks. For hardware, HB is getting a brand new toy: Lab Dog! There's also nasty console-killing bioroid coming a bit later, but I think Lab Dog is a better choice.

The upside to both of these cards is that they are generally useful in a large number of match-ups, and they also come with Chrome City. I'm not saying they belong in here, but they are certainly interesting.

22 May 2015 Shannon.L

I /like/ this. I especially like the Snare, which is increasingly deadly as the game goes on, and it'll keep the runner very honest. I like your ideas for econ, as well - I really am struggling with making this small/slow identity feed itself, and this looks like a solid mix to do just that.