Cowboy Bebop

Disturbed1 230

Theme deck, obviously.

Chaos Theory= Ed, Lady= Ein, Femme= Faye, Spike=Spike, Aesop= Jet (thought about using Raymond Flint for Jet, but paying 2 and needing to install for only an expose seems kinda terrible)

Underworld Contact for...underworld contacts. Daily Casts is the Big Shot tv show they watch get news on bounties. Stimhack is Redeye drug.

Rounded out the influence with 1-of copies of various programs Ed could use to hack the systems.

I would really like to make this at least somewhat decent, but I dont think its at that point yet.

I think this would work much easier in Criminal (ID being switched to Gabe for Jet and Rex for Ein), but I cant think of any other equivalent card to be Ed aside from CT.

Thoughts? Improvements? Other thematic cards to include?

22 May 2015 Pinkwarrior

Love it the theme is great.

You could use Power Nap for Ed tho as CT is on it or Street Peddler when its out. Also i think id use ZU.13 Key Master for Ein since you will have the link for it and allows more programs to be installed helping Spike out.

27 May 2015 hi_impact

Bebop was great, but Dandy was better.