Brutality 0.5

Shannon.L 113

Adjusted - tweaked just a bit - for a little more econ and more focused agendas.

In summary:

  • The goal is to flatline the runner by heavily icing central servers. Installing Valley Grids over HQ and R&D when the ICE is deep and Neural EMP is in-hand should drain away the runner's hand and open up a killing blow.

Agendas are built to be scored quickly, out of hand - either with biotic labor or just a good exercise in scoring windows. Self-Destruct Chips whittle at maximum hand size, while Vitruvious is a quick score for points (or a longer score for archive draw).

Jackson will help deal with agenda flooding in your limited hand size.

The hope is that the runner will realize that running your remotes won't get them a win as you can score out of hand, then will force himself into an ICEd central. When Valley Grid fires, the easily-permiable ICE will suddenly become a deathtrap, as their hand drains away.

22 May 2015 Shannon.L

... man, this deck needs a Cerebral Overwriter. Now, to find room.

22 May 2015 Shiiuga

Drop a valley grid, you probably don't need 3.

22 May 2015 konradh

You seem to have a lot of moving pieces in your deck. How do you expect to keep them all in hand with reduced HQ size?

How testing with Reclamation Order went? Did you used it just once? With so little economy, how do you expect to fuel your Biotics?

24 May 2015 Shannon.L

Let me just say... OWCH, and... er.. YAY?

The deck was played with proxies six times over the last few days. When it works, it's brutal in a way that makes Weyland or Jinteki look like small potatoes. Runners grew terrified to run on anything, knowing that at the end of their turn they'd have at best one or two cards, and no real defenses.

Since the damage in the deck is net damage, the only card defense was net shield or Deus Ex, neither of which is truly amazing for stopping the coup de grace of a trio of neural EMPs.

Archived memories and Reclamation were stars in the deck... but they came at a cost.

The downside of the deck is that my design (as noted) lacks any significant economy, and it was crippling. Oh, there were times I could make it work - when the hedge funds and archived memories came out in the right order, and then Reclamation let me start all over again - but it's getting to them in the first place that's tough in a deck designed to avoid drawing when it can.

I could (and will) replace all of the recursion save Jackson with economy, and I think the deck will be as close to complete as can be managed. That should free up a slot or two for a Cerebral Overwriter and something like Shattered or ... wierdly.. Plan B.

@Shiiuga 's fundamental design, though, is something that bent the local meta to the breaking point. These guys are scared of me in the next tournament, and I think I like that a lot. :)

24 May 2015 Shiiuga

I always knew I was a visionary ;)

Out of interest how did you set your servers u. in terms of ICE?

24 May 2015 Shannon.L

That Fenris was my wild card - I watched for who I was against, and tried to drop it in the most logical server. And... it worked in the only two games I pulled it, trading the bad pub for a very early brain damage. It was a pretty darned nice one-off include.

The Elis I tried to get in front of R&D and HQ. In the winning games, I ended up with enough time to build 3 over a scoring server, 3 in HQ, 3 in R&D; I only rarely got my 'fast advance' idea to really work as intended.

... Shii - it's worth saying that the best games were the ones /after/ they figured out how nasty Valley Grid is. I'd install it alone in my scoring server, looking to bait them into a run. If it worked, then I'd toss in the agenda, knowing they simply didn't have the horsepower to get through again. If they didn't run, the agenda would go in anyway (Install+Advance+advance) daring them to come down the line into what they knew /had/ to be the Valley. I only won two of six (all the rest were lost due to econ starvation), but in both it was 'score a self-destruct chip, maybe an early brain damage, watch the runner flounder for the rest of the game'. Both were won due to a handful of Neural EMPs over a valley.

I suspect your chairman will be gamebreaking.