Supermodemism: Microglacier

bionicsheep 1368

With the reduced deck size, Cybernetics Division lends itself well to rush decks, and the reduced hand size makes Valley Grid dangerous just that little bit quicker. Combining those two ideas into a deck which taxes handsize - without brain damage - seems like it might be the way to go.

The early game is gear check and quick wins, ala Supermodernism in its heyday. You have to keep the runner on the backfoot by scoring out quick. I'm going to speculate that you should fire the ABT when you can, because living dangerously is the only way.

The endgame is to create a 3-deep all-ETR remote behind which you can place a Valley Grid and an Ash, meaning they ideally have to run the server twice but can't because they'll die. You don't want to score your first agenda like this, but it's probably how you'll have to score your last one. The ability to know when to switch from gear check to Valley Grid microglacier will be paramount when piloting this deck.

There's no fast advance in here so it's not vulnerable to Clot, although Traffic Jam could be a problem. Domestic Sleepers might be nice if I could make the space?

(The name comes from Supermodernism, obviously, but with Modem in there because cyber bullshit. Also the idea of a microglacier is super cute to me in a way I can't explain!)

23 May 2015 postinternetsyndrome

Love "microglacier". Pretty apt description I'd say. I should try this out.

24 May 2015 DrunkenGineer

Supermode m ism?

24 May 2015 bionicsheep

Yup - explained in the final paragraph. ;)

24 May 2015 DrunkenGineer


10 Jun 2015 thrashy

Have you thought of running -2 Blue Lev -2 Green Lev -2 Peak +2 Eve +3 Adonis +2 Breaker Bay

If they come in and trash everything for 5-7 it puts an even bigger economic gap between you and them, making Ash even better.

10 Jun 2015 kmatz84

@thrashy That's a nice idea. I like the idea of +2 Eve and +2 Breaker Bay and keep the Green Levels. I understand the idea of card draw speed while gaining credits. I think having too many assets could bog down what's supposed to be a quick deck.

I'm going to drop a NEXT Silver and and slot in an Overwriter (don't have BB's with me right now) because I love the idea of an advancable trap.

10 Jun 2015 bionicsheep

@thrashy I think I might give that a shot - the never-advance rush game is incredibly difficult to pull off right now, so slowing down just a touch and going for big money might be worth a try.

29 Jun 2015 dasher

How does your econ go? I am having a terrible time with getting enough creds in my version of this deck. It is driving me crazy as I just cannot seem to get it to work.

4 Aug 2015 burzum51

@bionicsheep how you handle anarch ? and especialy parasite ? with all low strengh ice, your "glacier" will melt really easily.

4 Aug 2015 burzum51

@thrashy Asser is not a good idea because you must rush and can't create a scoring remote and another one to protect the asset. You must be able to score when a window open. And put the updgrade force the runner to check often so spend credit for nothing

7 Aug 2015 Vase

Help a noob out: what does gear check mean?

7 Aug 2015 bionicsheep

@Vase 'Gear check' ice is, generally speaking, low-strength ice whose only purpose is to force you to get the relevant icebreaker ('gear'). Wraparound is the perfect example - once you have a fracter installed, it only costs 1c to break, but it means that the runner has to go and get said barrier breaker, which can buy you enough time to sneak out an agenda. Supermodernism is an old Weyland archetype (which has been written about extensively around) which almost entirely relied on 'gear check' ice to rush out agendas while threatening SEA Source -> Scorch if the runner got too hasty.

@burzum51 I've mostly stopped playing this deck for this reason. ;) That said, since you only need 3 pieces of ice to threaten with Valley Grid, you could build something a little deeper if necessary.