BobAloVskI 332

Welcome to Cybernetics Division's Never Advance Antics.

I wanted to try a slight variation on this ID from the other ones I have seen. Rather than IAA in a remote with Overwriters, Junebugs, Neural EMPs and Chairman Hiros, I'm going for never advance.

Other than the Fragment, all agendas can be scored this way. The runner will wonder if it is an ambush or an agenda. If they go for it, get into your remote and get an agenda that is fine as they will be more likely to go for the ambush next time around. If they do not go for it, score out an agenda (hopefully the Self-Destruct Chips) which will make them go for the unadvanced card next time around.

The reason why a three-pointer is in there is to reduce the agenda density and to fit more cards in. I would have loved to put three False Leads in there instead but I needed the deckspace. If you see a scoring window, try and score it out. Hopefully they won't get in of they might think it is a trap and not go for it.

Edge of World is really good because you do not need to have the ICE rezzed: just sitting there is good enough. If you can get an Edge of World behind a couple of ICE they will either run it and take the damage or they won't. If they do not, put a Shell Corporation in there and start putting credits on it. You either get a good econ engine or they come in and take the damage. For this remote, you should only ever rez the ICE if it will do further damage. This will stop the runner being able to destroy the ICE. Quandaries are good ICE for this because once a decoder is on the table, they will usually be throw-aways.

In your scoring remote you want taxing ICE. Heimdall, Ichi, Turing and Hourglass are good because they have three subs and are not hard ETR. That means they can get through either at a big cost or with zero clicks left. If you have a Ryon installed in there you can then fire it off for a brain damage. The cheaper ICE (Eli, Pop-up, Quandary, Viktor and Architect) should go on your Centrals to slow them down. Popup(s) go on the central you think they will run the most- I've included these as a source of econ but if it slows the runner down while they find a parasite or instead run only once every two turns that is a good enough trade.

Because you have a reduced hand-size as well, a Snare! in hand will always be a good thing. If you can reduce their max handsize down to two, they will have to draw before running if they want to stay alive. This means your Ryons have more chance of doing further damage.

I was struggling with the econ initially but I am happy with it now. I originally had three Adonis but I think having it clog up your scoring remote for a few turns can slow you down too much. Having a Shell Corporation protected with an Edge of World is pretty solid if you can get it setup. I am thinking about swapping the Green Level Clearances with Successful Demonstations but I am not sure if there will be many unsuccessful runs. I will have to play it first to find out.

The Jacksons are there obviously to avoid being agenda flooded but also to recur your ambushes. A play I like doing is if they do not take the bait on an ambush, rez it before installing over the top so they know you are running ambushes and that the next installed card might be an ambush as well. Not sure if this is regarded as good play but I like the mind games.

Enhanced Login Protocol is there to tax clicks and enable Ryon more. It might get swapped out for Defective Brainchips when The Underway comes out, it depends on how ELP plays - at the very least I will try it out.

In my head the deck works well in theory but I doubt I will be able to put everything together the way I decribed above. With the lower deck size, I should get my combos quicker so I am sure at least some of it will work as I predict. I will be keen to try it out when Chrome City is released.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or improvements for this deck.

29 May 2015 cranked

Have you considered playing Fenris as a quick and dirty way to stick brain damage onto the runner early? I feel like it would be right at home in Cybernetics Division.

Love the look of the deck, by the way. NA is basically the only way you'll get me to play Self-Destruct Chips, and the idea of playing Edge of World and Shell Corporation is amazing.

30 May 2015 BobAloVskI

@cranked I considered it but I don't like the bad pub. If it were to fire it would be worth it but against HB most runners have a Mimic or Faerie down before face checking. At least with Arcitect it is a two credit tax to break every time (Fenris only being one with the bad pub). My copy of Chrome City is in the mail but I will certainly try Fenris at some stage in this deck.

I got the idea of putting Edge of World and Shell Corporation together by playing horizontal NEH. The ambushes they don't run, put a SanSan City Grid in there and they either take the ambush or you can get an AstroScript Pilot Program scored. It is nice putting the runner into lose-lose situations.

Hopefully I can put this deck together next week and give feedback on how it goes.