The HB Valley

darkpact 20

Most Cybernetics Divison/Valley Grid Decks are doing it wrong if they add ice that does have any subroutines that the runner do not have to break. no data pike,no enigma, no pop-up window helps. Valley does not trigger from them.

The great thing about Valley Grid is, that you can take all the very cheap ice, as it makes it unbreakable if there are five of them in front of a server. so save money to rez them and use the credits to instal them instead. Each Self-Destruct Chip make it easier to live with smaller servers.

Usually you need to build to of these servers. One in R&D to block the Runner out of it. The other in a remote to score there. If you can't set up fast enough, a Punitive should clear the situation. As soon as you have Punitive it is enough to have 2 ice deep servers.

Thomas Haas and IT Department is in there to lure the corp into running for it without loosing credits or losing an advantage.