Reg-Ass Noise

coyotemoon722 49

It's a good-stuff deck using Noise as the ID. Net-Ready Eyes pushes your fixed breakers into perfect 4 strength territory, allowing for D4V1D to handle anything bigger. Runs a typical Noise virus suite and a copy of Mem Strips for when the rig goes big. Suggestions appreciated.

25 May 2015 Dydra

Looks great, more and more Virus Suits get 1-to-3 of us in Corp decks though, I wonder how that will effect noise. :)

25 May 2015 Janktivist

Looks good. I really like the NREs here, and I think they're going to do a lot of work. It's so weird--this morning I had an idea for a similar deck and started to cobble one together. I've been looking to break Noise out of the Wyldside/Aesop's/Cache build and put together deck that, like this one, runs more. It's incomplete at the moment, but feel free to let me know what you think:

25 May 2015 Janktivist

This instead:

25 May 2015 ouroborosglyx

One obvious problem I can see is that if someone installs a strength 4 code gate and a strength 4 sentry on a server, you're completely locked out.

25 May 2015 DrunkenGineer

That's what Datasucker is for.

26 May 2015 Dracon_ian

You're running a lot of 2-ofs, I'd be worried about consistency.

Your econ is weak - the only cards you can reliably pawn off is cache, and I suppose armitage. Everything else requires sitting around for ages, but likely needed the money already to come good on it.

27 May 2015 kollapse

I will probably give this a go after our upcoming Regionals, but taking one Plascrete Carapace out and going to 46 with +1x Datasucker and +1x Parasite. Will the economy hold up, is the question?

30 May 2015 coyotemoon722

The economy can be a tad slow, or fast and explosive depending on the draw. Armitage is surprisingly decent early game if you have nothing else to go with, and with 3 I've Had Worse and 2 Hotels you're drawing into more and more econ. Kati's also tried and true. You do kind of want to mulligan for econ or card draw in this deck though.