Sneaky Whizzard

AuGold 131

This deck was built for my netrunner group's "Jank June" event. A lot of generally good cards were banned, and it was encouraged to bring very unorthodox and/or janky decks.

27 May 2015 Pinkwarrior

I think id have gone for Refractor my self and stuck with Mimic, Datasucker & D4v1d to back up. Since Yog.0 gets screwed by Lotus Field and theirs no good alternative in Anarch.

27 May 2015 Softman25

I love how the better part of a stealth rig is considered 'janky'.

Top stuff though, lovely.

27 May 2015 AuGold

@Pinkwarrior Unfortunately I don't Refractor currently, but if I was to remake the deck that is that I would end up going with.